Kwikset 914 Home Connect Lock

I installed a new Kwikset 914 Home Connect smart lock (Zigbee) and had no issues with getting it connected to my Smart Things hub BUT the only staus it gives me just says “Connected”. There is no ability to activate lock or onlock the door or add any automations because I cannot control the lock through ST. I have another KS 914 that does not indicate it is part of the Home Connect family and even has a different symbol (a lock) and indicates locked or unlocked as status and I can control accordingly. This newer 914 version has a Home Connect symbol and no status except connected. I noticed it also did not pair with Alexa. Does anyone know how I can ST to provide other type of status with the Home Connect version of the same lock?

In the IDE, look at the DTH assigned to your existing lock and change your new one to the same as the existing lock. If they’re already the same, then we can try something else.

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Unfortunately I think I know what the problem is. Apparently the lock is too far from my hub for the Zigbee communication to work. I changed out the chipset to a Z-wave one I had (have to return it) and everything worked as expected. I have one wall plug in the hallway with this door. I tried to find a pure Zigbee repeater like there is for Z-wave but could not find one. What type of Zigbee repeater may work?

There isn’t just a pure standalone zigbee repeater that I know of. I use numerous GE wall plugs, Innr plugs, and tons of GE switches and in wall outlets. I also have several of the old Iris wall plugs.

Thanks, that’s what I sort of thought. So I also have 3 zigbee light bulbs (Sengeled) in the far corner from the house which was almost but not quite as far from the hub as the same KS zigbee lock that will not function due to distance. All three bulbs will sporadically go offline and I have to continually reset them. I thought these bulbs would be acting as zigbee repeaters but apparently not but why not I have no idea unless powered lamp bulbs do not qualify as a repeater? Also do you think the constant but random nature of the bulbs going offline is another impact from being too far from the hub?

Those bulbs are definitely not repeaters, which is why I specifically use that brand. Since bulbs can be easily powered off, having them as repeaters in your mesh when they’re off is not good. CREE on the other hand are repeaters and wreak havoc in a Zigbee mesh, even when not powered off. I know because I replaced all of them with the Sengled’s a couple years ago and everything has been happy since.

Absolutely, especially if there’s interference from other devices in your 2.4ghz range. The further away and the more interference, the more drop offs you’ll have with zigbee devices.

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