Kwikset 910 Zigbee lock/unlock not working

Hi, I am trying to add Kwikset 910 Zigbee to my Smartthings devices and it does add the lock but when I try to lock/unlock it doesn’t work. When I check the live logging, I can see the message: ZigBee DTH - unlock() returning with cmds:- [st cmd 0x15B1 0x02 0x0101 0x01 {}, delay 2000]. Not sure what those error codes are.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

That’s not an error code. ST is live logging the command. You may want to delete the device from ST, factory reset the lock, and try rejoining.

How far away is the lock from your ST hub?

Thank you for the reply. I tried deleting the device from ST and did factory reset on the lock. Tried by moving the hub right next to the lock as well. But getting the same thing again. on ST it says A network or server error occurred and same message on the live logging.

Lets see how it paired. Open your IDE → Click on My Devices → Click on your lock and PM me the entire page and I can take a look and see what’s going on.

If you have the logs from the IDE Live Logging, you can send those to me as well in a separate PM and I can check them out.