Kwikset 910 not responding

I recently installed a kwikset 914 and it works great.
Last night I installed a kwikset 910 on my garage and it’s so hit or miss if it receives commands from smartthings. I also have GE outlets and GE wall switches and they work great.

Today I decided to check the IDE and noticed in there it’s listing my kwikset 910 as offline so I think that’s my issue. Was wondering if I should try disconnecting it and re-adding it?
I also submitted a support ticket to see if there’s something on there side

Locks can be tough. They usually won’t pair correctly if they’re not communicating directly with the hub during pairing, i.e. they can’t go through a repeater.

Depending on how far the lock is from your hub, it might be worth another attempt at pairing by getting a long Ethernet cable, bringing the hub close to the lock, and trying again.

The lock when I paired it wasn’t installed so it was sitting maybe 2 feet from the hub upon pairing. Smartthings recommended s couple things to try first then repairing if not

I have a 910 and had issues on the 1st pair. I would remove it and try to repair it, do use the replace, just fully remove and repair. I have also noticed that it acts funny when you remove the batteries and put them back. So try not to do that after you paired it.

If you moved it after pairing, did you do a z-wave repair after it was in its final location?

This is correct however I did a z wave repair with no change

I guess I’ll try excluding it and re including it and setting up. At way. The battiered were removed many of times after pairing so could possibly of caused some issues.
My support ticket with smartthings showed it was online for 15 hours then went offline for some reason

I’ve noticed that it locks are more than two active repeater devices away from the hub it tends to lose commands. The best solution would be bring the hub a littler closer. Try this, reboot the hub and then do a z wave repair. That often helps but again if there are too many hops it just tends to create issues.

the hub isn’t to terribly far away from the garage door maybe 30-40 feet away however i have a GE z wave light switch and a GE outlet that are probably 1-2 feet from the lock and they work great.
I’ve done a Z wave repair a couple times and the lock always fails to route and everything else is fine.

I know its a distance issue but don’t understand why the lock won’t beam with the light switch or something

What’s weird that I also discovered is it’ll show the lock being offline and not responding to commands and I go enter the code and unlock it’ll work for a little bit

I’m experiencing the same issue. My 910 reads disconnected in the app but if I enter the code on the lock itself it’ll come back online. I have an outlet plug that’s beaming near it. Any ideas why I’m losing connectivity? Also how do you run “repair” from the new app? Looks like that’s no longer a function

Device health in ST isn’t perfect and has a few bugs still. Looks like you may be running into one of them. Basically how it works is that if the platform doesn’t get any events from the lock for a set time (32 min for locks I think) it’s supposed to send a “ping” to the lock. If the lock doesn’t respond then it marks it offline until the next event comes in. In your case one of two things can be happening

  1. The platform never called ping (platform bug)
  2. The ping never reached the lock or the response was lost (mesh issues)

So when you manually entered the code the platform receives an event and marks the lock online again. The same can be achieved by clicking on the refresh button as well.

You can try to reboot your hub and do a z wave repair using the Classic app or the IDE to try and resolve the second issue. For the first one the only solution is to exclude and re pair your lock.

Thanks for the info. I downloaded classic and ran the repair. It didn’t seem to change anything each status said “failed to update path” or something like that. Am I safe to assume using classic is preferred over the new app? It seems to have more features and the market place is great.

At the present, without a doubt!

For the failed devices check out the device ID and make sure these aren’t any active paired devices from your list if my devices. If they are paired devices, they may need to be excluded, reset and re paired with your hub.