Kwikset 910 without Keypad

Good Morning,

I just purchased the Kwikset 910 with Home Connect, but without the keypad. I was able to pair it with my V2 Hub easily enough, but had some issues with the locking mechanism. It was responding backwards. I was able to correct this by reading a thread on here. As of last night, it was providing notifications as to if it was locked or not, but not if it was done manually. This morning, it was not providing any notifications, but now it is again with the exception to manual lock and unlock. It does not recognize this condition at all. If it was last locked remotely, it will continue to show that even when manually unlocked.

Does anyone else have this model deadbolt and have you had similar problems? Any help would be appreciated. I won’t be able to troubleshoot until this afternoon.


I recently installed a Z-wave version of this, and I had no issues at all. Readily recognized and easily paired. All aspects work, integrated easily into existing smartapps and routines.

My experience with Kwikset locks is that they get a bit unpredictable at low battery. Quick and easy troubleshooting step is to replace batteries, perhaps a faulty or week battery or two is impacting your system.

Second would be to exclude it and reinstall.

Otherwise, you may have a defective lock.

I have no experience with the Zigbee version of this model, so it is likely a different case.