Has anybody else successfully used a Kwikset 99100

(Druce MacFarlane) #1

I have seen reports that this works with the 2nd Genration SmartThings hub, but I am having issues with my 1st generation hub.

I am able to discover it, and add it, but after that I get no activity out of the logs.

For those unfamiliar, this was supposed to be a kwikset 910 without the buttons.

(Druce MacFarlane) #2

Another interesting datapoint. While I get no events at all from the event list, when I issue a lock/unlock command to it, it lights up. So, SmartThings is talking to it, but it is not responding in a way that SmartThings expects.

(Brian Diehl) #3

Did you do the discovery close to the hub and then move the lock to the door?
Do you have a repeater that supports beaming close to the lock?


I know when I installed my 914, the instructions had me pair it while disassembled so I could put the lock close to the hub, and then install it.

(Druce MacFarlane) #4

Yes, sadly. I tried this today, but to no avail. As the devices pair quickly, and the lock lights up when I issue a command, I don’t think signal propagation is the problem.

(Brian Diehl) #5

Can you check in the IDE under Devices to see what it’s set up as? It’s possible it isn’t set up as the correct Device Type.

(Druce MacFarlane) #6

It’s setup as a generic Z Wave lock.

(Druce MacFarlane) #7

Turned out to be a defective unit. This device works fine with SmartThngs