Kwikset 912 Zwave pairing problems

Hey everyone!
This is my first post and I’m having some trouble, I’m trying to pair my Kwikset 912 lock to ST, and I’m having zero luck. The lock is the z-wave version and for set up I have moved my hub within inches of the lock. Still nothing. Unfortunately the instructions provided by Kwikset are not very descriptive. I can’t tell how long the lock attempts to pair as the light turns on, then dims after about 2 seconds and then turns off after a couple more. Let me know if more information is needed, not really sure what all to provide.
Thanks for the help!

So I contacted SmartThings support and they helped me fix my problem. Support had me perform a general exclusion via my hub (menu->Hub is Online->Z-wave Utilities->General Device Exclusion) and then follow the manufacturer instructions for exclusion. For my lock it was pressing “A” same as inclusion. Lo and behold device removed!

Then the regular inclusion process. This worked even though my hub was brand new. It was probably tested by the manufacturer and was never or improperly excluded. Hope this helps anyone else with this problem!