Kwikset 910 Locks keep disconnecting

Both my 910 lock keep saying they are disconnected in app after a day or too in app.
but sometimes in can still hit the lock button in app and they come back. when I am at home,

sometimes I need to remove battery’s and put back in and they reconnected.

I removed and excluded and re-paired multiple times and rest the locks
and paired less than 12in apart, they work fine for a day or 2, then seems like they go to sleep and will not wake back up sometimes, I did not have this issue when they were on iris.
new battery’s Duracell battery’s.

I am losing my mind, because they work and then don’t

Welcome to the club. You might want to have a look at this discussion.

The summary is, your situation is not unusual. My Kwikset 912 ran fine for over a year and then started to go downhill after that. I even replaced the Z-Wave module. A bit better for a while and then downhill again. I’ve now replaced it with a Schlage FE599. It’s only been since last Friday, but after going offline every 1 - 1.5 hours for the last month, this new lock has been perfectly happy to stay on line since Friday.

Good luck! YMMV.

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my smart things in build into my ADT unit. I bought this a couple weeks ago. been going bald since.

it a programing with smart things or locks? since you replaces, your thinking it the locks not the programing, it both locks, so if only one i could say it a bad lock.

I hate to replace them. they cost to much.

Assuming you call smart things and they say it the lock, and kwik set will say it the smart things

I think my locks can run on zwave or ZigBee, maybe should i try to change to ZigBee instead?

Hmm seems kinda strange that multiple reports of the 910 are coming in right around the same time…

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It does seem a bit odd. However, I’ve been fighting my Kwikset 912 for well over a year. A few months ago, I even changed the Z-Wave module. I just got to the breaking point recently.

It’s my feeling that the Kwikset locks - or at least mine, is/are the issue. It worked fine for quite a while and then it went bad. Even replacing the Z-Wave module didn’t help over time.

Some of those in the other thread are doing just that. I didn’t because my Z-Wave mesh is much stronger and Zigbee can have conflicts with Wi-Fi, so I chose to stay with Z-Wave but with a different lock and lock company.

Let me jinx it. Mine (3) are going strong. Let them break so I can have a reason to replace them with Zigbee. Before @JDRoberts catches me. LOL

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I spend last night on the phone with kwikset they are saying it my locks, the yellow light beside the button “A” behind the paper, not the flashing indicator below, wants to stay on sometime, they said bad motherboard. but on both ? really and not the always.

but than also saying might be need signal extender, the lock is 10 ft other is 28, ok maybe the 28 but not the 10 with direct line of site.

I took them both off and sat them beside the adt smartthing hub, I going to leave them for a couple days see if they lose connection only being that close

also maybe way a lot coming in is because IRIS is being disconnect and everyone is switching .


I had that same yellow light next to the ‘A’ button on mine too. Kwikset says it’s a bad motherboard? That makes sense to me since changing my Z-Wave module didn’t seem to make the situation any better for me eventually. Yellow light kept coming on and the lock kept dropping from the mesh. Glad I gave up on it.

What is a Good Zwave extender to buy?

or maybe do they make a WIFI lock that works with ADT Smarthings? instead of zwave or zigbee,
I have great Wifi all over the house, Since maybe I need to buy new locks anyway

Any mains-powered Z-Wave device (i.e., not battery-powered) will act as a repeater/extender. However, keep in mind that Z-Wave locks are ‘beaming’ devices and to be effective for the lock, the Z-Wave extender you choose, also needs to be a ‘beaming’ device. (See here for more details)

HOWEVER, if the yellow light next to the ‘A’ button on your Kwikset indicates that the motherboard is bad - as was reported by Kwikset, adding Z-Wave extenders will not likely be of much use.

Also, replacing your lock with a WiFi lock might not be the best choice either. YMMV, but generally, WiFi devices have terrible battery life because they’re always on rather than Z-Wave or Zigbee’s more ‘sleepy’ protocols. Besides, the issue with the Kwikset locks isn’t that it’s Z-Wave. To be blunt, it’s because it’s a Kwikset with poor design and/or implementation of their motherboards or modules, or both.

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yea i was asking for adding to my basement for the extender, down the road. :slight_smile:
sorry multiple thoughts going on at once…

I just check my status of lock on app form here at work, my one has lost connection about 12 hours later from last night sitting right beside the hub.

Adding repeaters is certainly a good overall plan.

Doesn’t sound good for your lock, does it?

I’m sorry we’ve had to go through this. Spending $200+ for faulty hardware is aggravating.

No, I hate doing it.

I think I am going to live with it for a month and see how you make out on your Schlage FE599.
see if still working and you still have good battery life left… before buying new

So far (only since last Friday), it’s been perfect. Hasn’t dropped once. Works exactly as I expect it to. I’ll let you know in about a month too.

Note: Remember that you’re currently using a Kwikset 910 (deadbolt). I was using a Kwikset 912 (lever lock). The Z-Wave and electronic components seem very similar but the physical functionality of the locks are quite different. You’d likely be looking for something like the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, Aged Bronze, BE469 CAM 716, or similar to replace yours. Not making a choice for you, just pointing out that my experience with the Schlage FWE599 Lever Lock isn’t necessarily an indication of how you’d do with a Schlage (or Yale) deadbolt .

I would advise against the 888/910/912 locks. Apart of the obvious issues discussed here (z-module, battery and motherboard issues) it also has two other problems that we’ve found in our testing:

  1. It appears to have a bug where it reports a confirmed code programming to the hub but it actually fails and ends up deleting the code. This has been observed under heavy programming within a short period of time while, so I would not recommend this for use in places where you’re constantly changing a lot of codes, especially when the mesh is weak (which seems to exacerbate the issue)
  2. It won’t accept all combinations of codes. E.g. 1234 and 2134, while they’re different the lock will reject the second one because it uses the same order or key presses and the lock can’t differentiate.

The following FAQ will help explain about locks and repeaters. It applies to all brands of zwave locks. (The thread title is a clickable link)

That said, that the problem was with your lock sounds like a device issue, not a network issue.

Kwikset is a budget brand. On a scale of good/better/best they are probably right in the middle of “good” where Schlage and Yale are at the high end of “better.” That doesn’t mean switching brands will fix all your problems overnight, there could still be network issues or cloud issues, but it does mean that other brands make better locks. But then they cost more, too. So it’s a personal decision.


They recommend of course a kwikset but model 916 , if I buy new… but I doubt I will stay with kwikset. it was nice all my door handle were the same brand along with deadbolts

one thing I do like is the smart key on kwikset, I can change manual physical keys easily myself to make them all use the same key, which maybe the other have, I didn’t look into that yet.