Kwikset 910 lock

I just installed a kwikset 910 lock on one of my doors. Pairing it was a breeze and it went fairly well. The issue that I am seeing is that when I go to settings in the smartthings app, I see that it is reporting 0% battery level but yet, the device is functioning and shows no sign of low battery. Has anyone else installed this lock and experienced this issue?

Strange. I have 3 installed and did notice with the last one when I put in 4 fully charged eneloops AAs Smartthings reports 50% even though I know they are 100%. Are you using rechargables? That could be the reason.

I put both the Kwikset 910 and 911 on the same door.
(This does require modifying the door. The two locks won’t both fit on a standard two hole door. )
That was in late october. The 910 deadbolt displayed 80% battery despite getting new high end Duracell reds, and hasn’t budged since.

The 911 Lever set displayed 75% with the same batteries and has since dropped to 60%. The worst of it it, the 911 has a much smaller motor, and gets used less than the deadbolt.

In other words. I don’t know what scheme Kwikset is using to monitor the batteries, but I wouldn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it. I plan on pulling the batteries when it gets down to around 20% checking them.

Well it took about 6 hours but the batteries finally reported in at 100%. Ive never seen that before with any device (27 and counting)

Both my locks take forever to report battery status. I was trying to figure out why my main door reports lower battery levels than my kitchen door and I had to wait many, many hours for an update.

I’ve found some good deals on this Kwikset 910 but… my wife is hesitant because we have had some issues with other “things”. This string of comments seem real positive. Is there anyone that has had some struggles, and what were they? Just looking to hear both sides.

How did you pair your Kwikset 910 lock to the Smartthings hub? I tried to follow the instructions here (, but there is no “A” button on the back side of my Kwikset 910 traditional deadbolt. Any help would be appreciated, as I was unable to pair it. Thanks.

A button is top left, it’s not labeled