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Kwikset 910 Locks keep disconnecting

Kwikset is one of the only brands with that feature. They actually get dinged for it on some lock ratings as it creates a small security vulnerability. So most of the better locks require individual pin rekeying rather than the pop-out method that Kwikset offers.

I think you might be right… Strange indeed.

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Just a quick follow-up:
It has now been nearly a month since I swapped out my old Kwikset 912 that I was having problems with for many months with a Schlage FE599. During that month, the Schlage FE599. has been perfect. It has not dropped from the mesh even once, it has been solid regarding reporting to SmartThings and locking and unlocking - both manually and via SmartThings, ActionTiles and Alexa. The batteries still read 95% too.

I’m pretty happy with it.