Kwickset Lock Issue

Does anyone have the Kwikset 912 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad with Tustin Lever? I purchased it in Dec and have liked it. It seems to have some power issues and I have changed out the batteries several times. I functions as though the batteries are dead although I have a new set in the lock.

Does anyone have experience with this lock?

Thank You,

Can you define what you mean by ‘some power issues’?

The lock was working fine in that I would press the buttons to enter the code, they would light up and beep and then open.

Then, upon needing to open door, the buttons would not light up or beep or open door. I changed batteries. This worked for one day, then the above happened again.

So, I bought new batteries to try to fix problem thinking it was a stash of old batteries causing the problem.

I installed new batteries but upon attempting to enter code, the buttons will not light, beep or open. I can not use the key pad. It appears the key pad is not getting power even though I have new batteries.

You may want to open the lock and check the cable connections. It is possible there is a loose connection.

Good idea although I don’t see how it could have come loose, it certainly is possible.

I’ll try in the day time and if there is a further problem, I will probably reach out to you again.