Problem with kwikset 914. Won't lock , status correct

I have two of these locks. One suddenly stopped working. It’s status is accurate so it’s connected. But u I can’t lock unlock it visas app. The local keypad works. Maybe I messed something up? Any ideas where to start?

Pull the batteries and try rebooting it…

Also try replacing it with new rand new batteries,…it usually works after new batteries are added…Have to be NEW,.

The batteries are a few days old. It claims they are 100%.
Last night i brought it inside.and it instantly worked. Maybe there was a battery disconnect in transport, im not sure.

after it started working, tried multiple times that night, worked every time. This morning, it don’t work again.
There are no errors or events that i can find saying its even trying.

How do you troubleshoot z-wave issues? This door is about 5 feet from the other door which has zero problems. (about 45 feet from the hub). And the other lock is supposed to act as a repeater, so it makes zero sense to me why this is so undependable. Maybe its not a signal issue at all. i have no idea.

These locks have arguably zero value if they are not 99.7 % reliable. Mine are closer to 20% up-time.

Maybe its related to the lock code manager smartapp? I am blown away there is no way to manage user codes out of the box with these things. I had to paste a bunch of code into the IDE site to get the Lock code manager to show up as a smartapp. How is that not a standard thing?

45 feet away is pretty far from the hub unless you have one or more Z-wave repeaters between the hub and the lock. Most SmartThings devices seem to be Zigbee, not Z-wave. And a repeater must be a plugged-in device.

I discovered this with a GE wall switch (Z-wave) in the garage I installed on the far wall of the garage to control outside lights. It was working reliably until I parked my SUV in the garage which caused it to work intermittently. Added a repeater (GE Z-wave outlet) and it is 100% reliable now.

run zwave repair and should fail for the device that is out of reach. I don’t think another battery powered device can be a repeater. 45 feet is pretty far. I would buy a repeater that beams, Security devices rely on beaming. I recommend getting an Iris outlet and sticking it between your locks or in close proximity.

You guys are correct. apparently its only AC devices so my other lock is not a repeater. I ordered this before seeing your reply:
I can put this on the kitchen wall which will cut the distance in half. I assume this is a beaming repeater? I know its a repeater in general.

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lol how did i quote just and. :smiley:

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I am pretty sure it has beam command, but I would tripple check if I were you, because a “repeater” like most regular light switches doesn’t help your situation.

I bought this for $34.50,
GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control and Appliance Module

It works with the GE switch. Cheaper and it works with the GE switch.