Kwickset 912 Wont Lock Through Routine Any Longer

I posted the above in the CoRE Piston group, but realized that was the wrong place - hopefully this is the right place! So to add further information: I have a routine for Night, it issues a lock to my kwickset 912. It was working a week ago, now it isn’t. I see the lock command in the log, no response from the lock device. I issue a lock command from the mobile app and it locks immediately. A week ago I added a CoRE piston to do a regular check through the night to be sure the lock is locked (in case someone unlocked it in the wee hours). This is described in the original post. That’s the only change so I assume I’ve caused some sort of issue. Any thoughts?

Posting an update in case anyone else runs into issues with Kwickset smart locks. I found a thread where someone noted that pairing was best done close to the hub, that the lock might pair at a distance but not 100% accurately. This is very true. Mine was pairing fine at a distance, with GE toggle switch repeaters, that are stream enabled, every 10-15 feet max. The closest repeater to the lock was just about 3 feet. The lock would pair as a Z-Wave Lock, and as reported I had issues where the lock would stop working every 2 days or so, consistently. About 10 days ago I removed the lock from ST, factory reset the lock, then brought it next to the controller. The lock paired as a Kwickset Smart Lock this time. No issues since I did this, locks/unlocks consistently from automation. I know its only been 10 days but this thing was failing consistently, so I feel pretty good about it. Anyway posting this for others who may run into issues. PS. Kwickset was no help.

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By “stream enabled,” did you mean “supports beaming”? Or something else?

Stream was supposed to be Beaming, sorry about that!

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