Konnected device with classic

I am trying to connected my Node MCU from Konnected to my V3 Hub by using the classic version. I was told that V3 can’t work on Smartthing Classic. But the Konnected need to use the Classic version.

Is that mean that I have to find an older version for my hub ? Is there any other solution ?

the SmartThings Classic app works with the v3 hub. You only need the STSC app to initially set up the v3 hub.

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Also have you tried just using the new app? The Konnected app seems to work just fine on a v3 hub with the new app (looking at mine right now). I mean I could be wrong but I can change zone assignments, rename stuff, etc without any issues.

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What is the STSC app ? is it a special application for the HUB.

STSC = SmartThings (Samsung Connect)

I am able to see the Konnected device from the automation/smartApps and did setup the input sensor.
Then when i go to the My home screen, I don’t see the status of the sensor.My%20home

You con download the old Classic app to your phone and use that to set it up:

But if that doesn’t work make sure the SmartApp is up to date in your IDE and that you have all the child device handlers installed…it almost looks like they are missing and you have place holders for where they should be.

you were right, all device handlers need to be installed.

got the system online

thank you

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