Konnected alarm no longer works

Hi all,
It seems my Konnected board suddenly stopped working with my old alarm.
Setting the status of the alarm to siren would simply expire.

I checked my device handler in the online IDE, the alarm/siren/strobe handler was black instead of green, does it mean anything?

I am a bit rusty with the colours, but I am pretty sure black means the file is in a GitHub repository and they are in sync, which is good. I think green means the file isn’t linked to a repository, though that isn’t what your page seems to be saying.

My Konnected system is working well today.

Out of interest you seem to be using a (custom?) DTH which might be the issue. I am using the direct ST integration, and always have done. I don’t know the history here, did the original Konnected integration need the DTH? Maybe the DTH is now deprecated due to the edge migration and you need to update to the direct integration?