Fire TV Dashboard?

So, I’ve setup a good dashboard using smarttiles and my wife (shockingly, believe it or not) would like a pretty decent sized screen, such as a 42" TV on the wall that shows this dashboard. Obviously the TV part is easy, but how to pull up the smarttiles dashboard on it. FireTV stick I think is a good option if there is a way to pull that up on a FireTV, but is it? Just looking for recommendations out there.

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Big Screen / couch control is definitely an intended use case for SmartTiles/ActionTiles, but we haven’t done much testing of this yet, and plan to.

ActionTiles is much more likely to be successful even “as is”.

Do you have a browser on the Fire TV?


I actually just pushed the Firefox APK to all my FireTV’s to test that out. Action Tiles? Is that new?

ActionTiles is the complete year-long rewrite (& Beta testing) of SmartTiles “V6”.

More announcements soon, so please follow our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. (ActionTiles on each of them,… “+ActionTiles” on Google+).

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I’m still waiting on my Touchjet Wave from Kickstarter. Getting closer and closer to shipping it looks like.

It is an android stick that plugs in to the TV and has a camera that allows you to interact with things on the screen via “touch” (no actual touching required).

Until then, any cheap android box will work (or Fire TV if you want something you don’t have to maintain).

There are benefits and drawbacks to any setup. For example, going with a Fire TV means it’s Fire OS instead of Android, which makes it a little harder to get some apps. Going with an Android box means it may not have the same support in 6 months as the community moves on to the next great, cheap alternative, but any standard Android app should work on it.

Fire TV is a good way to go because you also get Alexa for voice control. A few of the apps here also support Fire OS (such as SharpTools, and the different Kodi media player apps)


ActionTiles is starting to sound a lot like Extend Hahaha. J/k


Yup… It sure gives us some perspective on these crowdfunded projects that deliver way later than their estimates.

But then again… We never gave an ETA.

Has anyone gotten it to work well on the Fire?

I recently bought a Fire TV and an Android TV box. Getting AT to work on the box was pretty easy, though interaction is still abit of a pain without touch, but I’ve hit a wall getting it going on the Fire TV. After trying out several approaches (including sideloading a couple browsers, and many digital signage and kiosk apps) I found ClickSimply Kiosk (to display the dash) along with ‘On Boot AppStarter’ (to have the Kiosk open on startup automatically). However, ClickSimply does not support interaction. Does anyone know of a FREE kiosk app for the Fire TV (sideloaded is ok) that does?

Side-note: I currently use AT on a couple tablet-stuck-to-wall style dashboards as well as the home page for every tablet, phone, and laptop in my home and love it (except for the random few hours a couple weeks ago where it seemed to forget I existed).

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