Keep getting reminder texts from ADT ST every hour

I keep getting reminder texts that my sump pump detected water. I’ve opened up the class app and regular ST app but it doesn’t seem to clear the texts from coming. This just started recently. Here is what the text says “Reminder: water detected by the Sump Pump Sensor 11 hours ago”. How can I get that to stop?

Assuming this is coming form Smart Home Monitor (SHM), you need to open SHM and dismiss the warning.

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I don’t see SHM. I believe I use to see it but now it’s not there?

Is SHM there in the Classic app?

No, All I have on my dashboard is this

Ah, ok. I’m not sure what to check since I don’t have an ADT hub. What happens when you tap on the right arrow in the Home Security bar?

@BigHoss, do you have an ADT hub? Any ideas?

Right corner just is to change wallpaper and rearrange. I believe my SMH use to be on my dashboard on the classic app but is now replaced with the ADT? I could only get my ADT screen as shown on the new app.

Yes ADT hub…

And I just went to the top of this thread to look OK so what do you have monitoring your water sensors are they ADT Dual branded?

I have an issue when I 1st set up with smart home monitor and ADT tools to where I accidentally triggered an alarm and it kept sending me text messages every hour reminding me of the alarm. I have no idea honestly how I got back into smart home monitor but I did and acknowledg’d the alarm and it went away.

For some reason I’m thinking it had something to do with tapping the bar at the top of the ADT arm disarm panel there To get in to security manager and I think that’s when it took me to the page to acknowledge the alarm once I did that the alerts stopped and it went away however SHM never came back…

I’m really wishing I had documented what I did I didn’t think anybody else would have this problem I am truly sorry.

@Brad_ST Can you help me with this? I do not have multiple locations from what i can see either as i have seen mentioned in other forum post with similar problems

The water sensor is not dual branded. I just have it set up to alert me on the app and send a text. When i originally tested it a few months back i never had this problem. It’s driving me nuts going off every hour. Wish i could figure out how to acknowledge the alarm. As you stated, I dont see SHM anywhere

This is similar to someone else I helped a week or so ago.

From what I can tell the order of events is:

  • Location created and Smart Home Monitor installed
  • ADT panel added to location
  • Device paired to ADT panel
  • SHM configured
  • SHM alert triggerd
  • Frustrating stream of texts

SHM and ADT Panels are incompatible and they aren’t meant to be used together. I think that due to the location being created prior to the panel being activated, there is a window of opportunity for this to happen. The piece that isn’t clear to me is if SHM previously was visible in the app and now isn’t. That seems like a bug if it’s true.

At any length, you can sign into the IDE at Then click “SmartApps” then "List SmartApps. You can then uninstall Smart Home Monitor in full or the components causing the alerts, such as Leaks. If you have a support ticket # I can reference, I will take a look and should be able to remove SHM on your behalf.