How to stop Smart Home Monitor alert reminders?

I replaced the battery in one of my water sensors last nite and it generated an alert, which closed the main water valve, turned on my siren and every light in the house. Needless to say my wife & dog were pretty upset with me. I cleared the alert, yet I keep getting a reminder every hour. I’ve search here, but, all the answers I’ve seen are for previous versions of the app. Help…


Yeah, each alert will individually repeat until you dismiss it.

You have to tap on the tiny “view alert” indicator, and then individually dismiss each alert.

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That’s the problem, I don’t see any alerts in the Android App, but I keep getting the reminders.

I would go into the things list, open the details page for that water valve, and see what smart apps it is using to make sure that the Reminder is coming from smart home monitor and not something else like Core.

If it is coming from smart home monitor, it sounds like you’ll need to get in touch with support. :disappointed_relieved:

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For the future, do you really need all the lights on and a siren blaring if there’s a potential water condition? Seems like a bit of overkill to me, and there are plenty of ways to set slightly more subtle alerts. But of course, everyone’s situation is different, and to each his own.

If you can’t clear the notification reminders, maybe deleting and recreating the alert will help?

Well, I had a leak last year, $25,000 damage (insurance covered it), it happened in Feb, stupid hose connected to sink faucet burst and ran for a long time. hardwood floors ruined downstairs, real pain in the butt living thru it, so, yes. I even have a z-wave water shutoff valve, but, I want to know when it happens! LOL.


Support says:

There are 3 instances of Smart Monitor running on your account for some odd reason

you managed to clear the alert on once instance, but the second instance is still sending the notifications

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Fair enough! I believe ST was originally conceived when something similar happened to a house the CEO owned.
Unfortunately you’ve experienced the downside of ST, that is alerts that can occur when the alarm condition doesn’t actually exist (for a variety of reasons that have been described over the years since ST became available).


I did an online chat with ST support, they found the issue and resolved it quickly. The reminders were a nuisance (more so because I put the ST app on my wife’s quick as well, so she kept bugging me about them). I’ll give them a big thumbs up on a quick resolution.


So what was the solution you got from Support? I’m experiencing the same thing now for the last 267 hours. I even deleted the app, because I’m using the newer app now, and the notifications still kept coming. I reloaded the app and even though there are no sensors linked to it, the notifications are still coming every ten minutes past the hour. Very annoying.

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You will need to install the Classic app again and login as New to SmartThings. Once you are logged in, you can clear/dismiss the alert in SHM. SHM is completely separate apps in both the Classic and SmartThings app so changes in one is not reflected in the other. Also, when you set up SHM in the Classic, everything is running in the cloud so deleting the Classic app has no effect on it - it is still running in the cloud.

Once you dismiss the alert, you can remove any rules in SHM in the Classic app and then remove the Classic app if you choose.


Sounds like you have multiple locations. You simply need to switch locations in the Classic app to see everything.

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Well that didn’t work. I tried this before but tried it again. When you try to log on as a New User, it says you previously signed in, and has your current account for you to continue.

I’m basically stuck in this loop.

Yes, click on Continue with your Samsung account.

Classic app worked for me. The app new version is not backwards compatible - it does not tweak all the cloud settings that the Classic app supported.

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Thanks you SO much for posting this and BIG thanks to JDRoberts and jkp for such complete and concise solution descriptions. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t been sleeping with one eye open, I would’ve been smothered with a pillow last night.

The same exact thing happened with the hose bursting under the bathroom sink. We also had a flood similar to what you mentioned several years ago where a toilet tank leaked upstairs while we were away for the weekend. So I’d bought audible alarm type sensors then and replaced in stages with these ST sensors.

So my family isn’t as into ST as I am and giving me a hard time because the sensor didn’t trigger. Everyone kept using air quotes with SmartThings and laughing. The sensor works but my placement was poor because of some slope apparently. Where I had the sensor in the water closet was higher and therefore dry at the point of discovery. This bathroom is large and now I see the need for an additional sensor near the sinks. If it had run for just a little while more it would’ve hit that sensor but glad it didn’t as there is hardwood flooring on the other side of that wall. Just want to include this info so others may potentially benefit. More is better with water sensors and check for slope with placement.

Even though I knew the sensor didn’t fail, I wanted to test and show my family it works…near midnight when we’d finished cleaning all the water up in the bathroom, master closet and my office where it ran into due to the slope. In hindsight I should’ve waited until this morning if I even hoped to swing anyone over to Team ST.

The Home Monitor notifications went off hourly until I found this thread this morning. We cannot put our phones on dnd because we are on call at night. Lessons learned. More sensors on the way. Ironically we were going to put in a shut off valve z wave controller but realized Saturday the valve is stuck, corroded or whatever…won’t shutoff and needs to be replaced first. Thankfully I had a key to shut it off at the street.


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Had same issue,

  1. reinstalling Classic app.
  2. dismissed all leak events.
  3. removed leak monitoring.
  4. wait to ensure Reminder text did not generate.
  5. uninstalled Classic app.