How to stop Smart Home Monitor alert reminders?

(Chris Peck) #1

I replaced the battery in one of my water sensors last nite and it generated an alert, which closed the main water valve, turned on my siren and every light in the house. Needless to say my wife & dog were pretty upset with me. I cleared the alert, yet I keep getting a reminder every hour. I’ve search here, but, all the answers I’ve seen are for previous versions of the app. Help…


Yeah, each alert will individually repeat until you dismiss it.

You have to tap on the tiny “view alert” indicator, and then individually dismiss each alert.

(Chris Peck) #3

That’s the problem, I don’t see any alerts in the Android App, but I keep getting the reminders.


I would go into the things list, open the details page for that water valve, and see what smart apps it is using to make sure that the Reminder is coming from smart home monitor and not something else like Core.

If it is coming from smart home monitor, it sounds like you’ll need to get in touch with support. :disappointed_relieved:

(Mark) #5

For the future, do you really need all the lights on and a siren blaring if there’s a potential water condition? Seems like a bit of overkill to me, and there are plenty of ways to set slightly more subtle alerts. But of course, everyone’s situation is different, and to each his own.

If you can’t clear the notification reminders, maybe deleting and recreating the alert will help?

(Chris Peck) #6

Well, I had a leak last year, $25,000 damage (insurance covered it), it happened in Feb, stupid hose connected to sink faucet burst and ran for a long time. hardwood floors ruined downstairs, real pain in the butt living thru it, so, yes. I even have a z-wave water shutoff valve, but, I want to know when it happens! LOL.

(Chris Peck) #7

Support says:

There are 3 instances of Smart Monitor running on your account for some odd reason

you managed to clear the alert on once instance, but the second instance is still sending the notifications

(Mark) #8

Fair enough! I believe ST was originally conceived when something similar happened to a house the CEO owned.
Unfortunately you’ve experienced the downside of ST, that is alerts that can occur when the alarm condition doesn’t actually exist (for a variety of reasons that have been described over the years since ST became available).

(Chris Peck) #9

I did an online chat with ST support, they found the issue and resolved it quickly. The reminders were a nuisance (more so because I put the ST app on my wife’s quick as well, so she kept bugging me about them). I’ll give them a big thumbs up on a quick resolution.