Problem: Receiving Notifications of motion while home and disarmed

Help, I get notifications from both the Samsung motion sensor and Zooz motion sensor while that SmartThings app is set to home and even disarm. The notification also sends an SMS. It does not give the intruder alert, but just a notification which is annoying.

Go to My Home : Things and click on the devices (one at a time of course) and in the menu at the top, click on SmartApps. The list will show every smartapp that device is associated with. You can click on each one to find where the notifications are set up. Most likely one of the rules you set up in Smart Home Monitor.

Thanks, I do not have any rules setup for home. From the ST app:

Neither has “home” selected in the next settings options. This is so frustrating.

Here is my debug:

935face7-1dc9-4da2-a490-cecedd24268b 10:55:09 PM: debug Sending push
935face7-1dc9-4da2-a490-cecedd24268b 10:55:09 PM: debug motion:active, pushAndPhone:Yes, ‘Motion Detected’
935face7-1dc9-4da2-a490-cecedd24268b 10:55:09 PM: debug Notify got evt
a1f43262-c846-40eb-bd47-1bcedc91b172 10:55:09 PM: debug Motion is active
a1f43262-c846-40eb-bd47-1bcedc91b172 10:54:53 PM: debug Motion is inactive


How are you getting your SmartThings to change mode ?
Double check it’s actually changing them correctly.

Check your Custom rules in SHM. They do not show up in the Smart apps tab for the device.

??? I am confused. My custom SHM rules show in the SmartApps tab in devices.

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Sorry, used my MYQ garage door to verify, forgetting the rule I had was using the garage door sensor and not the door device itself. My bad.

I have two ST motion detectors. A month or so ago, they started sending me “Intrusion Detected” notifications while SHM is “Disarmed” and Mode is “Home”. I have removed both devices from SHM, but continue to get “Intrusion Detected” notifications. I do not get SMS notifications. Neither device has any notifications set. I have removed both devices entirely from the hub and then reinstalled, but to no avail. The only action for either motion detector is to turn on lights. There are no notification options for the smart app being used to turn on the lights.

Anyone have any fix for this?

Any chance you installed Smart Home Monitor in both the Classic app and SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app? They are two completely separate apps and you have to clear the alert in both apps.

Well, I tried the new app, but didn’t like the “improvements” so I deleted it. In any event, SHM shouldn’t be giving an “Intrusion Detected” alert while in the Disarmed state. I’m not getting any alarm, nor does SHM show an intrusion.

I guess I can reinstall it, remove the motion detectors from SHM, then delete it again.

Yes, you would need to install the STSC app and remove SHM from it. If SHM was installed on STSC, it is still running in the cloud. As I pointed out the two SHMs run separately from each other. While the alarm is triggered in both, you have to clear the alerts in both since changes in one does not change the other. As others have found out, removing the STSC app does not remove the instance of SHM in the cloud for it. You have to manually remove it before uninstalling STSC.

Thank you so very much.

You were right. There was an Intrusion Alert in the new version which had not been dismissed. Now, how do I get rid of SHM in the new version. I go into the SHM setup, and disable Security and Smoke, but then there is no Done button to complete the disablement. The only options are Cancel, and the previous page arrow.

Sorry about that, I said remove when I should have said disable in my previous post.

I can’t answer about the missing Done button. When I looked at mine, I had both Cancel and Done at the bottom of the screen. So you may need to contact ST support for assistance at

Thanks again for your help. I sure hope you have better luck with Support than I do. I’ve had three numbers assigned for the same problem at my houseboat hub. The hub shows connected, but the app and IDE show off line.

Every time I respond to a real person or their canned “can’t help you now, just wait for it” response, I’m assigned a new job ticket. I guess that’s how they get good evaluations - don’t solve the problem, just close the old ticket and issue a new one.

I learned something new today :slight_smile: You can remove it