Keen Vent Automations with SmartThings Connect App

Hey, does anyone know whether it is possible to create a basic schedule to automate the Keen Home Vents with SmartThings Connect? For example, would I be able to set certain vents to close at 9 p.m. everyday? I am a very new SmartThings user and I am not familiar with the Smart apps functionalities. I noticed that with the SmartThings Connect App, you can set ‘If’ conditions and ‘then’ responses, but I am not sure if they work with vents.

They’ll work with any ST connected device. But the batteries in your vents aren’t going to last long if you change them twice a day, every day.

Thank you. Keen Home estimates that the battery life of the vents should be around 2 years, with the SmartThings Automations what would you estimate the battery life to be. Also, is there a possibility to schedule them to close to a certain percentage (e.g. close to 50% everyday at 7a.m.)?

I have one in our master bathroom that closes if the door is shut for more than 5 minutes. It gets really cold in there when the A/C is running. It’s basically for my brides bath but will close at other times too. The vent opens when the door has been opened for more than a couple minutes. The vent usually cycles a few times a day. I get 3-4 months out of my batteries. For me it’s a fair trade off.

And yes, you can partially close the vent.

Were you able to achieve that automation with the SmartThings Connect App automation feature, or did you use some sort of a SmartApp?

I’m using webCore right now.

I had it running using smart lighting previously. With smart lighting I only implemented the “5 minute” part of the rule using the power allowance feature. The issue I had was if I stepped into the bathroom to grab something while she was in the tub the vent would then open/close when it really didn’t need to. By moving to webCore it’s not going to cycle as often and maybe extend the battery life.

If you want the piston I would be more than happy to get you the import code.

Oh, well considering that I would simply like to set them up on a schedule (e.g. open at 7a.m. and close at 9p.m.), can I achieve that without having to use “webcore” or SmartApps. I’m really new to the platform and don’t know much really. I hope to simply automate, rather schedule them, with the in-app automation feature.


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