Help With Automating Keen Vent Open/Close With Nest Fan Mode

Hi there

Running a Nest thermo and use the Fan Only mode to circulate air at times. My issue is that I run Keen Vents as well and have them open/close when heating and cooling starts or stops for different rooms using the great Keenect app (thanks to Mike !). This can lead to a time where the heating/cooling has completed, vents closed and fan kicks in which causes an issue. Therefore was wondering if anyone has any suggestions using Smartapps (maybe Rule machine ?) and examples of how I can have SmartThings recognize Fan Mode and open vents at that time as well, closing when complete ?

Thanks as always

CoRE should be able to handle…

Now webCoRE. MUCH more powerfull

Assume webCoRE and CoRE are the same and in the same repo on GitHub ? Thanks

I think it is out there on github. Not sure if it is in the same place but it is still in Alpha but based on what I have seen in Alpha it is already better than CoRE

I am still waiting for my SmartVents to come in, waiting since November, but will be using webCoRE to manage them