Keen Hub Replacement Automation? - Willing to pay!

Hi All,

I currently have 9 rooms (12 vents total) each with a Keen sensor and Keen Smart Vent. I have it connected to the Keen Hub but, I would much prefer to have it directly integrated with ST for better reliability and scheduling functions. All I want to do is set a temperature on a schedule for each room independently. I tried ScheduleTstats but, it is unable to go over 8 zones and cannot handle the basic scheduling. Anyone else have any ideas?

have you tried creating a scene for each schedule change and then running the scene via the automation builder?

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I am not sure how I would do that as I need some piece of software which looks at the room temp and set temp and opens and closes the vents. Then I could use the automation to change that number. Does ST have a native way of doing that?

ah, i see. I thought you were doing a schedule based on time only. I use a webcore script to control a keen vent based on thermostat set point, door being open/close and ecobee room sensor temperature.

Are you able to share the webcore script?

For all of the developers out there. I will give a $500 contribution to create an open source app so anyone can use what you create. The keen smart vent and temperature already has a device handler so it’s just creating the interface which allows you to combine 1 temp sensor with an unlimited amount of vents to create a room and then set the temperature of the room based on a schedule (minimum of 2 set points per day preferably 4 over 7 day period just like a nest). This will open and close the vent depending on if you have AC or Heat. The app should support unlimited rooms. The attached pics are the keen software which is very easy to use and laid out but, it keeps going down and having consistency issues and the scheduler is occupied vs unoccupied instead of the temperature which is what it needs.

Bonus. If you can add a feature so that if any room needs air it will lower the main thermostat and if all rooms have air it will raise the thermostat I will add an extra $250 for this feature.

You should check out:

I’m fairly certain his code will already do what you want.

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Already tried and even paid for the setup / consulting. He does not allow more then 8 rooms and not more then 12 schedules. I have 9 rooms and having day plus night for each room would be 18 schedules the way his system is setup.

Hi, you should specify that you want 9 running schedules at the same time (for your 9 rooms)… I’ve been trying to explain to you that it’s not possible given the rate limiting of the ST platform and the fact that the ST scheduler doesn’t allow more than 6 scheduled child processes.

Yes that is correct. Each room needs to be set to its own temperature and on its own schedule. We are not talking about keeping a by second schedule. The temperature setting is constant in each room until the schedule changes which must be at least 2x per 24 hour period and then it sets to the new temperature just like every smart thermostat in the world does. This is what Keen has now the problem is their system keeps going down.