Controlling Keen Vents with SmartThings Hub

Okay, I’m less than a newbie here; I bought a Samsung SmartThings Hub, hoping to control my door lock, and that hasn’t worked, but in looking for help with problems with my Keen Home Vents, I stumbled upon posts about SmartApps that would control them. I’m using an Ecobee4 thermostat and 12 vents.

Then problem I’m having is that they seem to disconnect, not respond, etc., some but not all, and it appears they may be more stable with a SmartThings Hub. I found some posts about Keenect, for example, but tried to follow the setup instructions and got COMPLETELY lost. I’m computer literate, but apparently not SmartApps literate, and when someone says “Pop into your IDE” (it took hours to figure that out) “click on the SmartApps tab then Settings” (there are no Settings on my SmartApps tab, but then I don’t have any SmartApps), and “If your Git integration is broken” (I signed up on Git, but have no idea why or what it does), I feel like I landed on a different planet.

I’m not interested in programming, but would like to manually, and perhaps automatically, control my Keen Vents with some kind of app, other than what Keen Home provides for use with their hub. Is this something I can manage? Would it be controlled from my smartphone’s SmartThings app? If so, IN SIMPLE STEP_BY_STEP instructions, what app do I get and how can I install and use it?

Thanks in advance for any help in this new-to-me and very confusing topic.

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@yvesracine to the rescue!

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Forgot to mention, that while I have found, and been able to pair, my Ecobee4 thermostat with the SmartThings app, I don’t see Keen vents or anything similar listed, so don’t know how to pair them to SmartTehings.

Try using the Classic app to pair them. I have 11 of them paired that way.

Also, you’re going to want to make sure you have a good zigbee mesh. What other zigbee devices do you have that are mains (house) powered? Switches? Iris/SmartThings/GE wall plugs?

Please refer to my thread for the most advanced zoning smartapps which orchestrate your ecobee4 with Keen Home (or any smart vents exposed to ST).

You have detailed explanations on their capabilities at the ST community wiki as well. The links are indicated in the 1st post of the thread.

I’d recommend My ecobee bundle at my store.


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You can indeed pair your Keen vents directly to SmartThings using the supplied DTH’s - see the detailed info here:

And if you’d like to control them using your Ecobee 4 thermostat, you might find that my (free) Ecobee Suite is all that you need:

That’s the great thing about SmartThings - users have lots of options to choose from!!!

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Thanks for all the info. I bought all my Keen vents, Keen temperature sensors, Ecobee4 with 2 remote T-stats and 2 smart bridges last July. Have been using the Keen Home app, but know it falls far short of what could/should be accomplished with that hardware.

The thread you referenced is right at 3 years in length, but the first post has the most up-to-date information??

In reading your first post, I have no idea what DTHs are, or what they’re used for. Of your apps, I think I need/want the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule one. I’m hoping that will allow for varying vent openings in response to schedule and maintain desired room temperatures.

So I went to your web site, and I’m afraid I’m lost again. I assume I have to buy/contribute the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule under Zoned Heating/Cooling Solutions for SmartThings. But it mentions it works with My EcoBee Device for SmartThings, which is sold separately. Is this an app, hardware or what? And do I need other bundles? And while these are apps (Github apps?), there’s a note saying complimentary Smartapps are available on the Github. But that’s not /these/ apps, right?

And do these apps work on a Smartphone (Galaxy 9 on Android), within the SmartThings app, or what? I’m a (Basic and VB) programmer myself, and quite computer-literate, but I have never felt like such a a fish out of water. :wink:

Hi, in my last post, I recommended to you My ecobee bundle which includes the Device Type Handler or DTH (which is the interface between SmartThings and the ecobee APIs for implementing the required thermostat capabilities & commands) and the zoning smartapp called ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule which orchestrates your ecobee thermostat and your smart vents based on the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules. The smartapp can use any ST connected temp/motion/contact/presence sensors to control your vents.

Please refer to the ST community wiki for more information about features, look and feel, configuration and troubleshooting.

All up to date information is documented at the ST community wiki. The thread gives you a high level of features & capabilities, and this has not changed in the last 4 years.

These apps (all SmartApps) and device handlers work within the SmartThings app (depending upon if it’s the Classic or new app). Since you’re new to all of this, I highly recommend you read this (if it’s not already linked within those other links):

You’re going to need to get into the IDE (, so get yourself comfortable there. That’s where you’ll save and publish your code, manage devices, and view many different type of event logs. There are tons of community topics and discussions about using custom code, the IDE, etc. The search feature will definitely be your friend on this site trying to find information.

Thanks for the responses. I’ve got a lot of reading to do. I did find out that most all batteries in my vents were dead (from last August), so upon replacing them, they’re working as intended. But I’d still like to do more with them. Right now, using Keen software, after adjusting normal vent % open, the best you can do is shut certain rooms down for certain times of the day. I’d like more, so will be investigating the above suggestions and learning how to use SmartThings.

One quick question, though: would I have to remove the vents from the Keen Home Smart Bridges in order to connect them to SmartThings hub? I’m assuming so, as I don’t see them on the ST hub. So I’d want to just remove a couple vents from the bridge first to experiment with.

Again, thanks for the thorough responses!

yup. Can only connect them to one system.

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Hello, this is a question for Yves Racine. I have Keen Smart Vents and a Smartthings HUB (AEOTEC).
I have paired my vents with the HUB and they are working (just to open/close and % of close/open).
So I installed Yves’ Device Driver from the GitHub but I can not assign your Device Handler because the ST site is asking for a “device network ID” and a “zigbee ID” and I don’t have/can’t find that info.
I am using the new ST interface. Can you help me here? thanks a lot.

Smartthings no longer provides the free, groovy cloud that ran custom Smartapps, and custom DTHs. A few of the community developers have switched to the new architecture; others, including @yvesracine did not. So they no longer offer code on the SmartThings platform. And the code they used to provide will no longer work.

So that leaves you with two choices:

  1. you can add a hubitat hub, which still runs groovy, very similar to the old smartthings architecture and, in this case, there is an Yves Racine version which does run there. You can run both systems, there are some community created projects to integrate them. So if you’re interested in that, let us know.

  2. I believe there is a stock edge driver for the keen vents, at least some models.

@johnconstantelo may be able to say more. Try asking in the following thread:

Help with keen vent edge driver

If you’re interested in details about the new architecture, you can check the community faq:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Thanks a lot for your help
All try to investigate the edge driver option

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Thanks for tagging me @JDRoberts

Hi @mgardel2023 , unfortunately I no longer use my Keen vents but when I did the Edge driver worked.

As JD mentioned, and as is mentioned in the Help with keen vent edge driver thread, not all the vent model fingerprints have been added to the SmartThings stock Edge driver, so you may need to create a version for yourself, or see if another community member has done it and is willing to share that with you.

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Thanks anyway, will research more on the edge driver

Hi @mgardel2023

This driver has several models of Keen vents added to stock driver.
It works fine according users feedback

 - id: "keen/sv01-610-mp-1.1"
    deviceLabel: Keen SV01-610-MP-1.1 Vent
    manufacturer: Keen Home Inc
    model: SV01-610-MP-1.1
    deviceProfileName: vent-profile-1
  - id: "keen/sv01-412-mp-1.4"
    deviceLabel: Keen SV01-412-MP-1.4 Vent
    manufacturer: Keen Home Inc
    model: SV01-412-MP-1.4
    deviceProfileName: vent-profile-1
  # Added M colmenarejo
  - id: "keen/SV01-412-MP-1.0"
    deviceLabel: Keen SV01-412-MP-1.0 Vent
    manufacturer: Keen Home Inc
    model: SV01-412-MP-1.0
    deviceProfileName: vent-profile-1
  - id: "keen/SV01-410-MP-1.1"
    deviceLabel: Keen SV01-410-MP-1.1 Vent
    manufacturer: Keen Home Inc
    model: SV01-410-MP-1.1
    deviceProfileName: vent-profile-1
  - id: "keen/SV01-410-MP-1.5"
    deviceLabel: Keen SV01-410-MP-1.5 Vent
    manufacturer: Keen Home Inc
    model: SV01-410-MP-1.5
    deviceProfileName: vent-profile-1
  - id: "keen/SV01-410-MP-1.0"
    deviceLabel: Keen SV01-410-MP-1.0 Vent
    manufacturer: Keen Home Inc
    model: SV01-410-MP-1.0
    deviceProfileName: vent-profile-1
  - id: "keen/SV01-412-MP-1.1"
    deviceLabel: Keen SV01-412-MP-1.1 Vent
    manufacturer: Keen Home Inc
    model: SV01-412-MP-1.1
    deviceProfileName: vent-profile-1

Thanks a lot, can you help me a little more?
When I paired my Smart Keen Vent to the Smarthings Hub, It was recognized as a"Zigbee switch" and I am not able to change the driver from the app, so don’t know how to force the system to use this driver you are suggesting, thanks!