Help => Auto Open/Close Keen Vents based off of Temp Sensor

Hello, I am new to Smartthings and have automated several lights and my garage door so far. One thing I am having trouble figuring out is to automate the opening and closing of a couple Keen basement vents based off a room temperature sensor. Maybe kicking on my Ecobee Smart SI hvac fan would be nice if temperature is too cool/warm during a time frame (but not a requirement). I tried using Mr. @yvesracine ScheduleTstatZones (which seems amazing btw) but it was too complex for my needs and I like the native Ecobee Scheduling. I also looked at doing this through tasker and sharptools by Mr. @joshua_lyon but I cant figure out the if/then statements and besides, I really wanted to stay within Smartthings for this piece of automation. Any assistance or ideas to help me do this?
Thank you!

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Perhaps Rule Machine or Trigger Happy by @bravenel could be a fit?

Hi, you can try also ScheduleRoomTempControl which is a simpler version of ScheduleTstatZones…

See the ST community wiki for more details.

I’m using two Rule Machine rules for opening/closing my EcoNet vents. One rule sets it almost closed (5%, configured as a dimmer) at bedtime; in my case it’s time-based, but you could just as easily make in Mode-based. The other rule opens the vents fully (configured as an on/off switch) when temperature gets to within 1 degree of the heating or cooling setpoint. I’m using a Nest thermostat, but you could use any integrated device that reports temperature.