Keen Vent Polling

Hello everyone,

I currently have Keen Vents installed in my house using my Smartthings Samsung Hub. That being said it works great and I am having no issues with it. My only issue is that a couple of my vents that are far from the hub recently ran out of juice (battery). I have read horror stories about the vents but I believe the issue is the polling cycle of the vent.

I went ahead and installed the app from yracine (keenhome.device-type) and seems like its working but I want to understand (new to smartthings) how i can verify the polling has actually changed from 1 minute to 5 minutes and how i know it goes from 5 to 10 minutes.

Look forward to any help here.

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Hi, if you’ve pressed the configure button on the DTH after the new install , then you should see that the temp & pressure are reporting every 5-10 minutes instead of every minute (which saves battery for sure)…

With the new SmartThings app how do we ensure the polling interval can be set up to not report as often since there is no longer the option to use the configure button? Is that built in to the new DTH that you published a couple of weeks ago? Thanks very much!

Hi, just use any rules engine like Webcore or Sharptools to call the configure method.


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