Keen Smart Vents......Where are they

I was looking for a community for Keen Smart Vents and I can’t find one that exist so I thought I would bring it up here. I ordered mine LAST DECEMBER! Still nothing. I have been told every month that this might be the month. So I pre ordered these. I spent close to $700 so they took my money and everyone else;s money and put it in the bank and started collecting interest on it while we wait here wondering if we will ever get a product. Is this just me that feels helpless or are there others of you out there.

That’s really odd as I see them in stock on Amazon right now:

I see them at Lowe’s as well…

That sucks. IJust picked up about 10 or 11 from for something like $44 each.

I also got 2 off a member here for $50 each.

Who is “they”? Who did you order them from?


Pre-order right now.

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It used to say “Pre-Order”, now it says Waitlist. Who wants to wait… But I guess what that means is that they are not even taking $$$ anymore.

So they were taking preorders on their website 8 months ago that they still haven’t filled, but they filled orders with amazon and big box stores?

Does that really surprise you?

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Nothing surprises me with these crowdfunded tech companies anymore.

I’ve been waiting on a puck device from flair since I pre-ordered it last October. It’s not gonna help me control my a/c all that much if it arrives after the summer is over. But at least they keep saying “it’s almost here!” and offering a refund if I don’t want to wait. Maybe their founder @dandroid88 can explain more, if he still checks this forum.

In the OP’s case, why not demand a refund if it can be purchased from amazon now anyway?


I totally agree with you. I refuse to crowdfund anything. I’ve been burned way too many times.


Been watching these at my Lowe’s. How did you get them discounted?

They were on sale in the Atlanta store, available for shipping. No longer though. Ebates on top of this…


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@marktheknife - still here :slight_smile:

I think for most of us building products, we simply don’t know how long things will take until they are done. Factories love to give you time frames but hate to stick to them. Vendors promise the world but can’t keep their promises on tolerances. When you are Google/Honeywell etc., you end up with the leverage to solve every problem as fast as humanly possible but when you are small, you have to really fight for every last detail, correction, fix, etc. and it usually results in time. Not an excuse for crowdfunding/preorder delays across the industry but more the view from someone with boots on the ground. The good news is, our first large scale batch of units arrived last week and is going out on ground shipping this week!

Thanks for clarifying, I’ll stop hijacking this thread now :slight_smile:

Just got an email that said they are just now starting to fill Pre-Orders for the end of last year and I have been told that I will get them soon. I have been sending an email every month since January and keep getting the same answer. Here are the last two emails. Beginning to think this is a big scam. Pretty sad that I can go down to Lowes and buy them but since I preorderd them I am screwed

"We haven’t forgotten about you! You can rest assured that your order details are on the next list to go out. Not sure if it was mentioned in previous email chains though we’re switching warehouses and transferring all orders over. We anticipate a faster more efficient fulfillment process with the new warehouse, and thank you for your patience as we work to improve our processes. "

"Thanks for reaching out. All preorders placed before February have been sent over to our warehouse for packing and shipping. Later orders are scheduled to ship between end of July through August. Multiple orders typically ship together.
Sorry that we are unable to give exact shipping dates as it depends on where orders are in the queue. We aim to ship most orders within the month, and have closed reservations on our website to conserve inventory and ramp up on shipping. Restock will arrive in September at which point we’ll begin taking new orders again. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up to our newsletter to remain abreast of shipping timelines and news:
Thanks for your order, support and patience as we work to get product out. Please let us know if you have any other questions. "