Zigbee Vents (Keen Home): pre-order now with 10% savings for your multi-zoned heating/cooling solution


I just want to share an offer I just got from Keen Home

You can get now 10% off on the price by clicking on the link below.

BTW, I’ve been working on a smartapp that enables multi-zoned heating/cooling settings at thermostats(s) when coupled with vents such as Keen Home vents or Ecovents. It was designed for ecobee thermostats originally, but I got it working with any thermostat that is connected to ST (weither z-wave thermostat, Nest, or others).

You could also use the smartapp to create “virtual zones” (without any vents) where you can then adjust the heating/cooling setpoints based on the avg temp calculated from different room sensors with the ‘occupied’ option or not.

The smartapp is also able to control room thermostats if any.

See this thread for more details on the smartapp:


Thank you for the update on that company, but I will wait until they lower their price. Or by that time I will change over to zone heating/cooling systems.

Hello @lmosenko, I still think that at this price (which is much lower than ecovents BTW), and with the smartapp that I just developed, you can get a good multi-zoned solution for much lower than commercial ones on the market now. With installation costs, multi-zoned solutions are usually several thousand dollars.

I’m not a representative of Keen Home, but I pre-ordered some vents to test my solution.

P.S. You can also start with a few vents, and grow from there if you’re happy with them.

Bye for now.

I wanted to let you all know that our founders are doing an AMA on Reddit right now. If you have any questions you can ask them directly: http://bit.ly/1OVyIEw

@NateKeenHome Thanks for the AMA, I asked a question about the free hub that wasn’t completely answered (and may not even have an answer at this time).

Can you explain a little more about the $40 value free hub? If we want a ST hub 2.0 can we just get a $40 discount coupon or am I way off track on how that is going to work?

Hi Jonathan,

Great question. The hub we provide depends on your preference. If you want an ST hub, we can sent you one or a discount code (we haven’t worked out exactly how we will provide those). But if all you want is to control your vents, we’ll send you our hub.

Keep the questions coming!


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Hello, for those of you who are interested in some smart vents at a good price, I’ve just heard that the pre-orders are back at Keen Home. They have very nice features that you don’t always find in other vendors, such as the pressure sensor to avoid too much air pressure in your vents that can damage your HVAC…

Use the link above and get an additional $20 discount on the pre-order prices.

Bye for now.

@yvesracine Can you provide the link?

It’s the first post of the thread above…

You can now order at 10% off the regular price if you use the link below:


Apparently, today is the last day to get the 25% discount…

To my knowledge, the $40 rebate will still stay till end of August…

Quick update: I’ve been testing my ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule and ScheduleTstatZones (for other types of thermostats if you don’t own an ecobee) smartapps with my smart vents and they work beautifully…

The smartapps automatically ajust the smart vents’ level settings every 5 minutes based on an avg temp collected from all temp sensors in the zones that are part of a given schedule…

Really cool stuff!!

In the interest of disclosure, do you get some kind of referral fee when people use that link?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it – other than the fact it would be nice if people knew and they could set up their own referral conga line.

Usually when I provide a referral link to a given product, it’s because I’ve bought the product myself, tested and reviewed it, and in many cases, I’ve developed smartapps around it.

So, there is a great deal of added value for anybody who uses the referral links that I provide …

Plus, if you get 4 bites on your referral, you get 4 vents for free. (c;

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That’s what I was curious about.

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with referrals, but if there’s something to gain then it’s always in good taste to disclose it, because otherwise it would seem like someone is pitching the product for personal gain and not just on merit.

I find that in communities like this generally you have a conga line with referrals, so everyone can benefit from it. If my sister was going to buy 4 units for example, I’d be better served from giving her my referral link rather than yours, right? And in turn she can use hers forward for people she knows, rather than use mine or the OPs.

A Keen Home smart vents review has just been published:

Was that a review or an advertisement?

I agree. It’s hard to decipher whether this is an independent review or not.

In a house with 3 zones and 12 rooms and 16 vents, this would be an expensive upgrade and I’m not entirely sure how long it would take to recoup the $1500+ initial cost.

First three paragraphs:

This blog is a sponsored blog created or supported by a company, organization or group of organizations. For questions about this blog, please contact us.

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The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.

Pretty clear its an advertisement.