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I am just wondering what everyone thinks about the Keen Home Smart Vent. What is your opinion?

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$40 off by typing SAVE40 in discount code box.

Crowdfunding and other “pre-sales” are imaginary. I post something in this regard frequently.

Let the product be finished and tested by “the market” before even bothering to have an opinion, in my opinion… Pre-sale “Discounts” off “retail” are meaningless as retail prices can’t be set until bulk manufacturing costs are finalized and the market determines what price it will bear.


Lol yes you do, burned much? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Can’t disagree that an alarming number of crowdfunding and pre-order campaigns are largely just hype generators and end up either not resulting in a product at all (such as the recent The Doom That Came to Atlantic City controversy) or major delays. I can reassure you though that Smart Vents will be shipping in a matter of months and retailing at $85-$90 a vent. We’re hoping to bring that down over time, but for now we’re on track to follow through with all of our promises.

Happy to chat offline if you want to get Smart Vents early. Send me a PM or send an email to (nate[at]

That’s what they all say, of course. :unamused: Even SmartThings (an established company owned by Samsung) originally gave us a very optimistic shipping date for Smart Hub V2.

Seriously, crowdfunding campaigns should charge higher than retail pricing in order to make up for unexpected costs and still hopefully end up with actual surplus funds to put towards growth. And should double or triple estimated shipping dates… under promise and all that

Look up the genuine failure of the CST01 “World’s Thinnest Watch”, or WigWag - the latter has had to enter the color LED light bulb business in order to attract angel investors to pay for the scope creep and manufacturing flaws of their ambitious smart home system (now over 1½ years behind schedule).

I’m glad you know all that. My frustration comes from exactly that fact: There is no longer any excuse for gadget crowdfund seekers to underestimate their production hurdles and schedule, and no longer any excuse for the funding platforms to allow the use of the words “sale, discount, delivery date” anywhere in reference to what are supposed to be “rewards” or “perks” only. It is blatant false advertising that no amount of disclaimer language is successful at informing consumers funders of the risks (just look at the comments on any campaign that is even a couple of months behind, and see the requests for “refunds” stack up).

OK. Obligatory rant over… Ostensibly, I’ve done my duty to inform fellow Community members of my experienced concerns. I doubt I’ll change my tune until the endless stream of colossal failures ends first.

Automated vent control is definitely an important product category and I wish you best of luck in bringing it to market. It looks like a great design.

Since I have central heating, I’m looking forward to these.

Congratulations on your impressive press coverage, including Consumer Reports!

Super nice device. Can’t wait to officially support it!


FWIW, our firm is the lead investor for Keen Home’s seed round. I have my fair share of Kickstarter projects that died along various stages, so I can relate to the concerns here.

I was recently in Shenzhen where I spent a week at the factory watching the team finish up remaining details to begin mass production. I also have a working unit in my possession.

None of these are guarantees this vent will work when it arrives at your door. But, I can tell you this is far from vaporware.


Completely understandable concerns. We’ll just have to show you that we’re serious. We actually wrote a blog series on our manufacturing progress if you are interested in reading about it:

Manufacturing The Smart Vent: Why China Is Essential

Manufacturing The Smart Vent: Good Fast Cheap - Choose Two

Manufacturing The Smart Vent: Batteries Included

Manufacturing The Smart Vent: Making It Work

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Wanted to let everyone know that we are starting to ship 4"x10" Smart Vents to customers with SmartThings hubs. If you pre-ordered and want yours ASAP PM me here and I’ll make sure you do. If you are interested in getting your hands on a Smart Vent System, order today to receive them in the next couple weeks!

when are 6x10’s shipping? is preorder available for 6x10’s? Thanks. Happy launch!

Do these referral codes still work? I want to share my referral code with my cousin but I don’t think the links are working anymore for some reason. Are you having trouble with this as well?

Also, has anyone received their order yet? I am really excited for these…


The link still works. You have to type in SAVE40 at checkout for the promo code.

also, they require a minimum of two vents purchased for the $40 discount to work.

Be prepared to receive them in late January based on an email I got from support. I placed an order on December 6th. Ordering now, you may receive them in February.

The vents have been shipping for a month or so, and are on Amazon, where I bought three. They work well with my ST hub - they are well-made and almost silent.

Their own hub seems to have been delayed once again, and their app only works with their hub, so you need to use Rule Machine or some other ST app to control them.

Forget the part about using their built-in temperature sensor with their app for room temperature control - IMHO it will never work satisfactorily.

That said, I’d recommend them to anyone willing and able to deal with SmartThings.