Keen Vent Ordering Delay

I was curious if anyone has ordered any Keen vents lately and actually received them? I placed an order for three vents back on April 29. Although I received an automated confirmation email, and they charged the $200+ to my credit card, I never heard anything more. I reached out to them a week later on May 7 to check the status of the order, and they just sent me the order status link from their website which I had used prior to contacting them. Shows confirmed but not fulfilled. After another email exchange with the support person, I was told that they are experiencing delays in their shipping process due to COVID-19, so the vents will arrive in 3-4 weeks. It is now 5 weeks later, and I’ve asked for another update on the status.

Anyone else experiencing this? I’m getting worried perhaps they are belly up given the pandemic and I might be out my purchase. I’ve heard of shipping delays, and perhaps if they were proactively emailing me to let me know I would be more understanding, but shipping delays shouldn’t take this long.