Keen and SmarthThings Range

(Billy) #1

Finally realized I have range issues with my Keen Hub, Sensors and Vents. Does anyone know the range benefits of using ST hub vs. Keen? Also, can you interconnect the two as repeater i.e. Can ST hub connect to a Keen receiver and vice versa? I was also thinking about another Zigbee outlet as an repeater. Is that possible?

(Yves Racine) #2

Hi, you can connect your Keen Hub to ST, not the other way around.

There are also other zigbee repeater, but the Keen Hub works well at my home as a repeater.


(Devesh Batra) #3

you can use any Zigbee powered device (except some bulbs) as repeaters for the Keen Vents if they are paired with the ST hub and would need to create routines in the ST app to control the vents.

If you pair the Keen vents with their hub, your options are limited to the Keen hub acting as a repeater unless they add support for other zigbee devices on their platform.