Do I need a special zigbee repeater device handler?

Does anyone have a generic device handler for a zigbee repeater? I am trying to use the Keen Vents hub, which serves as zigbee repeater for the connected vents, however, all of my vents are connected to the ST hub.

Was wondering if there is a way to use the Keen hub as repeater on the ST mesh. I connected the Keen hub to ST and it shows as “thing”. It has a zigbee id, but I am thinking that I need a device handler in order to use it as repeater. Any thoughts, suggestions?

No device handler should be needed for it to act as a repeater. If it’s plugged in/always on, it should repeat messages just by being part of the network.

I’m not really sure there’s anything you could do with a device handler as it’s most likely configured to send out commands as a controller. Is there a raw description?


Thank you! I changed the type to some zigbee valve, just to see what happens…Is this the description?

0104 0006 01 01 0540 00 EE86 00 00 0000 0B 01 0181

No, that looks like after you changed it to a zigbee valve, it tried to send a zigbee “on” command to the Keen hub (probably how the valve opens) and that’s the hub’s response. That says that the on/off cluster is not supported, which probably makes sense that the Keen hub doesn’t accept “on” commands, haha.

Raw description would be in the device screen in the IDE.


Yeah, I thought so, but no. Nothing on the device detail…Thanks for your quick response.

what did you use for device type in the IDE?

I don’t remember, it was either the ‘thing’ or unknown. I don’t use it anymore, because I have Iris outlets everywhere now, which repeat both zigbee and zwave.

I have quite the opposite than the fellow you helped out. I have a Keen Bridge where all my vents are connected. How do i add a Smart things hub to act like a repeater as some vents are not responding due to probably distance. Any suggestions??