Smart Vents

Any new smart vents working with ST?
I see Keen, but looks like you need their bridge and sensors.
Have Zooz sensors in all rooms.
My thermostats are Honeywell TH6320ZW2003.

Keen use Zigbee and work directly with a SmartThings hub

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This is true. I have several Keen vents in my house, and I control them with webCoRE.

Hello, I would like to use a Keen vent directly connected to smart things hub and use it in a simple manner.
Just open vent at 600 am, shut vent at 6 pm. Just like a light switch. ( this is for a basement home office).
Is that doable. I cringe seeing issues people have with a full integration with a thermostat and keen sensors. I am not ready for that yet.

Any advice is greatly appreciated

It connects to SmartThings over Zigbee, and looks like a dimmer. Just set up an automation to open and close at the times you want.

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Connected by Zigbee to ST directly, Can I use a Zooz 3-1 sensor to control the vent from WebCore? Example:
If Room A is not at temperature then
Close room b, c, d, e
Trun on thermostat (AV or Heat)
end if

Awesome, thank you!!

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The vents show as dimmers, so you can do whatever you want with them. That is, as long as the Groovy environment that WebCore uses is still around.

I currently control my vents through WebCore using the Ecobee remote sensors. I use this piston, with one for each room/temp sensor (some pistons control multiple vents off one temp sensor); it might not be the most elegant thing, but I’m not a programmer, and it works. (Note: I have the piston retrieve the thermostat setpoints in the logic because the setpoints will change throughout the day, and I want the vents to adjust to the room temp vs setpoint.) I have a separate piston set a global variable for heating or cooling, and the vent piston refers to that. Green images of both pistons below.