Ios Home Solutions Dashboard

Just recently migrated from the v1 hub to v2 and on the Home Solutions dashboard I had presence sensors at the bottom. How do I add the presence sensors back to the dashboard as they are no longer there on the new v2 hub location.

That home solutions dashboard was deprecated after the v2 hub was released. If you had things there, they didn’t go away. But if you remove them from the dashboard (like when upgrading to a v2 hub), they can never be replaced.

Thankfully, they eventually added “favorites” (which took like two years) to the dashboard page, so you can add your presence sensors there.


Got it, thank you!


I miss the original Dashboard Solutions modules, because they were more than just Favorites… They also did roll-ups of the rooms status and light groups; but SmartThings is indeed replacing that with new functionality like Scenes.

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