Dashboard only shows SHM

Completed my migration from V! to V2 hub. V1 hub app had a dashboard with lots of information. Now all I have is SHM any way to populate the Dashboard screen? Right now it’s just a waste of space and adds another unnecessary step to get to my info

https://community.smartthings.com/search?q=smart%20home https://community.smartthings.com/search?q=bring%20back%20dashboard
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Thanks checked those links.

Maybe a picture would help. Is this all that I should see?

On my V1 hub(second pic) even after deleting everything I still had at least one more entry, before migrating the V1 hub dashboard has all sorts of categorizes: lights, safety and more at least a page full. Wish I had taken an screenshot of the old Dashboard screen. I’ve migrated all my devices and smart apps, even added more apps and devices and still my Dashboard looks rather empty to say the least. And these two pics were taken while writing this so I know it worked and was populated with V1 hub I ran the hubs side by side while migrating. So is this just a V2 hub issue or something else?

Don’t want to file a support ticket if this is just the way V2 hub is although this sucks compared to V1.

Those 2 searches are discussions from many people complaining about the same thing you are, especially the search about bringing back the Dashboard. When you migrate to hub v2, Dashboards don’t exist anymore. What you are seeing is by terrible design…

I already know your next question, and that is - no, unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to get them back. Apparently there’s something else coming, but who knows when.


I’m learning to live with the horrible Devices section by using rooms and creative naming but really hate a home page with one thing on it. UGH

Sucks seeing two hubs next to each other and the older hub has more features in the same app. UGH. Early adoption sucks but such is life.

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I have the opposite problem. My dashboard shows Home & Family only, no sign of Smart Home Monitor. Am I missing something?

I wonder why mine the difference. I have 3 people with presence sensors and they show up under the family tab. At least I know I’m not crazy expecting to se more stuff there.

It would be interesting to see if people have more or less in their dashboards.

Open a ticket with smartthings and they should fix the SHM for you.

Opened a ticket and they were able to fix it.

Fix it how? What all is your Dashboard now showing?

My issue was a little different from the OP. My dashboard was missing SMH, so I opened a ticket and they were able to fix it.

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. :smile:

SORRY to update an old thread, but I just noticed that SHM “dashboard” does not notice when the house loses power. So SHM status indicates “Everything OK”.

Pretty funny but it’s not a dashboard.

And ST did not notify me that the hub lost communication.