Just got a push message to my iPhone telling me to try the new App

Just got a push-notification telling me to Try the New App.
@SmartThings Is this truly ready for transition? Seems like you said we’d get an official communication, but a 2 line push message to my iOS device seems a little “light” on the communication.

In a holding pattern till I hear back on this.

I started a new thread on purpose, to try to engage smart things on this particular action. I’d like it to be visibly known that we’re starting to get odd notifications about these things, with no direct instructions from the SmartThings team.


This is why you are receiving the notifications. There was an app update (2.15.1) for ST Classic.

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The notification I got said to update the current app and then it would have info about the new app. The notification in the classic app told me to wait and I would be advised when to switch to the new one. You guys may be reading that wrong and jumping the gun.

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Exactly! People tend to just start running in circles in panic mode.


If you don’t want to mess with the new app, you don’t have to.

Until you are presented with the migration banner page on your SmartThings classic app, it’s business as usual.

You can go ahead and install the new app and get frustrated because it’s incomplete or just leave it alone until we are forced to move over to it.

I have a feeling that they are trying to ramp up and get things moving and trying to get more people using it ahead of time, bugs and all.

When it happens, it happens. :slight_smile:

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My notification said to Update my app and open it. It didn’t say anything about waiting. Seemed pretty clear.


:joy: im not seeing anything that says it’s mandatory that you do so. …Changes are coming…update to learn more… Nothing that says you must do this now!

I just received the same message. I’d like to know what’s changed before I update the app. Does anyone know if Samsung provides release notes or at least a specific list of changes that have been made?

The screenshot is posted above for the 2.15.1 update. They are prepping right now for migration.

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Push msg says “Exciting changes are coming! Update your SmartThings app and open it to learn more.”

I’m sorry, but that is a crappy way to “learn more”.

Tell me what I will learn, and tell it to me BEFORE I take a chance on updating my app.
That way, I can make a rational and informed decision as to whether or not to update.


:joy: I agree, but this is how ST remains consistent. This is how they have always presented us with changes, isn’t it? I think they live to see people go into chaos mode. It’s like a science experiment.

That’s why my Play Store has Auto Update turned off for ST.

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I don’t auto-update anything. I learned the relevant lesson the hard way, back in 1996.
I’d just been hired as the netadmin for a development company. On my very first day, the administrator of the help desk decided to update his system, running on WinNT4, to Service Pak 2. SP2 was a disaster… So I walked in to a crashed helpdesk system that had not been backed up.

Auto-Update is kinda like that. The whole “we must stay current” farce is indeed a farce, and often a costly one.

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I have a feeling that with with as much as we have seen visibly over the last week, they are going to force the migration within the month of March.

As always, their communication has always been lackluster.

But bottom line, there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop them. They have their methodology and they are going to roll this out the way they see fit. So people just have to roll with it, or get so upset that they go elsewhere.

If this turns out to be a complete disaster in transitioning to the new app, we can all say we told you so, but that isn’t going to do anything either.

I just have to sit back and laugh at the whole process as it isn’t worth all the headache and frustration. Whether it works out in our favor, only time will tell.

Not much more anybody can do but sit and wait or as I said before, go elsewhere.

But in the meantime, nobody needs to do anything differently than the are doing today until forced to.

So everyone can just ignore all the notifications for now, or if you want more pain and frustration in your life, go ahead and download the new app and deal with the bugs, missing devices and other issues. Otherwise sit back and see how this unfolds. It could be the beginning of a great future or a complete disaster.


And we won’t see a “must do this now” message until they are ready to decomission the old app.

The point being, they are implying that it is perfectly reasonable to update now. Problem is, to learn more, you need to log in…which you can’t.

It’s not ready and they shouldn’t be sending out notifications to update until it is.

Agree, but they are. Not a thing anyone can do. You, me or anyone else can’t change what they do. Always been that way. Nothing is changing that. Just have to use your better judgement and ignore the stuff that they do sometimes. :slight_smile:


To get back on the REAL topic here…

Someone mentioned an update to 2.15.1, but i’m on iOS and that’s NOT a thing… there was an update to 2.15.0 two days ago, and I updated, but the push message today asking me to download the NEW update is ambiguous: #1. If it was for the classic App, there’s no update for me to do #2, it could be assumed that if i looked for smartthings and saw a NEW app, i’d assume that’s what was meant.

Still looking for SmartThings staff to chime in here about today’s push notification and help clear the air.

As far as waiting for updates and turning off auto-updates due to something that happend in 1996… that’s great, but lets be honest, MANY of the people using SmartThings today may not have even been born in 1996, that was 22 years ago, we should expect better of a company like Samsung. Hence this whole post being for awareness and response from SmartThings.

FWIW: My post in the Account Migration Beta:

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I got the message, but when I go to update the app the only option there is to “Open” my existing version. Did notice the version listed in the App Store is higher than what is on my phone, but still no option to update… Feels like April Fool’s Day…

Actually, this kind of shoddy planning, customer service and communication is EXACTLY what I’ve learned to expect of Samsung.