Is there any way I can smart control an appliance that uses an electric switch?

Pardon my newbie question, this is only my first week using smartthings. I have a heated mattress pad that works on an electric button and I want to set it up on an automation with a smartplug so that it warms up my bed a few hours before I go to sleep. The issue is that the device is turned on with a button on each side of the bed that default to “off” when power is disconnected (ie. the smart plug is switched off during the day). I am wondering if anyone knows of a way I can integrate this device to work with my smarthome system using a smartplug or any other kind of connected device?


The short answer is probably not with the plug. But there are some options if you want to consider them.

In general, devices that default off when power is disconnected are the bane of smart home enthusiasts.
I’d recommend looking through the thread JDR linked to and see if any of those options appeal to you.
One caveat regardless. Heating elements generally draw a fair bit of power. Some smart switches, relays, and the like aren’t capable of handling those kinds of loads. Check the amperage ratings on your mattress and the devices to be sure. (Various smart things melting down is also a bane of smart home enthusiasts :slight_smile: )


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