Just crawled into bed and it is freezing.... how do I change that?

Do you happen to have the name of the product that you bought? The Amazon link no longer works and I am dying to find something that I can set up an Alexa routine with to just turn on my electric blanket when I want it to be ready for bed.

Biddeford Blankets Polyester Electric Heated Mattress Pad with Analog Controller, Queen, White

Most of the older models that could be made to turn on just with a smart plug have now been withdrawn for all of the safety reasons listed above.The reason that they worked with a smart plug is that they would return to their “on” status after a power cut/restore, and that has a lot of potential dangers.

However, because people really really want to be able to add these devices to Alexa, there are now some made with built-in Alexa integration that have additional safety features.

  1. Sunbeam makes a WiFi heated electric blanket, but it can be hard to find online

However, Walmart often seems to have the blanket available in store, although not always for shipping:

I’ve been told that some Costco’s carry it, but I’ve never seen it there.

  1. And Sunbeam also makes a WiFi controlled heated mattress pad, although it can be even harder to find:
  1. Beurer makes one for the UK:
  1. Eddie Bauer has one, but the Alexa integration may be limited: https://www.amazon.com/Eddie-Bauer-Collection-Electric-Alexa-Enabled/dp/B088KWRYLK?th=1

a friend of mine has this and says that you have to push a button manually and after that you can change the heat settings with Alexa. So probably not what you’re looking for. Some of the reviews say you can turn it on from the app as well, so I’m just not sure what the exact process is for this one. Anyway, it looks like it might be better to choose one of the others above, but I’ll leave this here because it will turn up in searches of Alexa controlled electric blankets.

  1. And of course if you’re willing to spend about $2000, the eight sleep mattress cover is still available with all kinds of Smart bed features, including heating and cooling and Alexa integration.


Not saying most people will want that one, but some people will. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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Amaaaaaaazingly helpful. THANK YOU! I found the Sunbeam in stock at my local Walmart for pickup tomorrow!

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Let us know how it works! :sunglasses:

Update on the Sunbeam WiFi mattress pad…

Apparently this is a new product, which is why nobody has it in stock yet.

Amazon is accepting orders for it, but giving a delivery date of “by October 28,” for the queen size and December 20 for the king size, which they say is because they are just starting to get the product into their warehouse. They will update that date once they have a better sense of when they will get inventory. But they are expecting to get it.

At $380 a month average in the UK and its not even winter yet, electric blankets are being replaced for piles of normal blankets, can’t afford luxuries any more like leccy blankets

Understood. Our house runs on solar with a storage battery, heated electric mattress pads will save us money vs the gas that runs the furnace. :sunglasses::sun_with_face: