Electric Zigbee Radiators

Hi All,

New to this home automation and currently have lots of devices now controlled all via my smart things. I do however not have any gas heating or hot water its all electric so we seem to be really short on the ability to control thermostats or hot water and so on with smart technology.

I do however have the following radiator system installed http://kalirelheating.co.uk/Control-system And they are all smart radiators and as it turns out use zigbee to communicate with the remote. If I reset the radiator and place it into search mode whats the chances it might be picked up and if so would I have any way to control it or would it need someone to make an app?

Not sure where you are located, but there are many different thernostats that should work with your system’s. Could you give us more details as to what you are looking to do?

As for the radiator, it will most likely need a device driver built for ST to recognize it, have you done a search here on the ST forums looking for that system?


I would ideally like to be able to control them from my phone and set the times I would like them to come on and if possible switch on when the room temp drops below a certain temperature. I would like to see this status on my phone. The radiators can already do all this but it is a very poorly designed interface on the remote and very difficult to get right. I have had a look and could not find any compatible systems that work with my radiators and hot water heater can you link me to some if possible that are similar to nest or hive systems but for electric heaters?

I did search the forums first for my radiators but they seem very niche as where very expensive when released and installed in 2008 as the idea of smart anything back then was in its infancy :wink: