Keep me Cozy is going haywire and I can't figure out how to turn it off

This seems so basic- I don’t know what I am missing. I set up some Ecobee theromostats after Christmas, and found Keep me Cozy to use a multipurpose sensor in one of the rooms. I thought I had just set it up to turn on the AC if the room gets too hot in the summer, but now it keeps resetting the thermostat heater to like 79 and is overheating the rooms. Everybody is complaining about it. I’ve confirmed its SmarThings resetting the temperature.

In the SmarThings app I cant see anywhere how I can modify or delete that. I can see where I can add a new Keep me Cozy config, but no where to see what the current settings are.

This is true for the Severe Weather Alert too. Apparently I set that up a long time ago, but now whenever there is a weather event coming the app spams me with notifications every hour for the duration of the alert. I don’t see any where to turn that off, only how to add new alerts.

If you want to delete the Smart App, just go into the Smart Apps menu and long press on the app you want to delete. A change will occur showing a minus symbol on the right side of your apps allowing you to select which to remove.

As far as just changing it, that I’m not familiar with. Sometimes it’s easier to start over.

My Smart Apps menu is blank except for a button at the bottom to add a new smart app (I have several installed).

If you don’t mind losing your room arrangement in the app, you could uninstall it and reinstall to see if you gain the list again. I’d try clearing the app cache first or trying from another device.
I hate to say it, but if those things don’t work, you should contact support.

Yeah I’ve got a support ticket in.

Honestly I never knew I was missing it. I had wondered how to get to the configurations for my existing smart apps ported over from the Classic app but hadn’t needed to yet so I hadn’t sat down to try to figure it out.

Click on add a SmartApp, look at the list and go back. It will list the actual SmartApps installed.

It is a bug in the app, I’ve seen many times. Just try to go in and out of the SmartApps page and it will load once again normally.

Thanks- unfortunately, that didn’t work for me.

Then try to add one and go back. There is a trick to get it show up.
Anyhow, you can also go to the IDE and delete the one over there.
Probably pausing would work there as well.

I don’t see this app in the IDE (since it is one of the “built-in” apps that is available to everybody). Is there a way to delete it from the IDE?

Go to Locations (select the one what you want to work with), then down to Installed SmartApps, and check the installed apps there.

I guess you thought about removing a published SmartApp.

If you see a blue :pause_button: icon, then you can pause it.


Perfect! Thanks.

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