JBL Link 20


Does anyone know if that new smart speaker would be integrated with smartthings hub as the bose ?

When I checked to buy a speaker few months ago, I hesitated between JBL, Bose and Sonos.
I ended up buying the Sono as it was integrated alreadyin both ST and Alexa versus the “possible future” integration of other brands. Now to be super fair, I only use the Sonos in Alexa. I don’t really see the point of ST except On/Off when you stream amazon music to your speaker. The Sonos app is quicker than ST app.

Since Samsung took-over the ST brand, it had some impacts on the supporting policy from my point of view. So better to rely on something already ported and working rather than expecting things to come later. As examples of things that never came despite they were announced: Samsung Gear S2/S3. As example of things that were supported before and now are Labs: DLink cameras.

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Is that all you can do with ST and Sonos as a supported smart speaker? no TTS or announcements sent to the speaker from ST?

Well, yes… But a speaker in Alexa doesn’t do more either.
Basically the speaker is a device seen as a player so have player type of information on the device view. You can certainly automate with smartapps musics and volume based on ST information like timing, sensors state, presence detection. I am not aware of any TTS. I think some folks here could maybe do something with Amazon Polly and route that to speakers, but I don’t think that is easy and available for now.