Are there speakers that work with smartthings, to announce stuff? (no alexa)

I know alexa can be linked and used, but it for some reason misses a lot of announcements, sometimes it just stops working.
Are there alternatives that work?

Sonos, Bose and Samsung smart speakers can be used in SmartThings Routines to make voice announcements


I have a bose. Just yesterday it migrated to Edge. The app finds it continuously disconnected, the notification volume cannot be adjusted. The SmartThings integration is useless to me!

google mini / nest mini

Samsung R3 works. Not sure if they are still selling those.

I use Google/Nest Home with @TAustin’s Cast Web API driver which has been amazing.

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this just reminded me that i havent heard my symfonic/sonos speakers announce things in a while. upon investigating they needed to be re-paired/updated with the sonos app, but were still linked to ST on the backend. they were around $75 from ebay a couple of years back.

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i have been using Bose integration for long time, recently the integration is disconnected and i tried to reconnect again but the device is not found.

Anyone facing this problem? or can help on this? thanks