No more add Sonos speaker option!

Last week there was an option to add a Sonos device as a speaker. Now there is only support for Bose. I saved to purchase a Sonos play 1 then when to app a week later and the option is gone. Pissed! Anyone know why or is there a work around. I like Sonos better then Bose. Please help.

Sonos speakers should be found automatically with LAN Connect when you click on Add a Device. But there is still Sonos Lab in Marketplace: Things: SmartThings Lab if that is what you saw.

I am a newcomer to SmartThings, where can I find “Marketplace” to search for Sonos lab? Or can you please send me link? Much appreciated!

You need the Classic app

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I found out what happened guys, SmartThings automatically added the Sonos speaker once connected to same network then removed the “add” icon for Sonos. I later noticed the speaker icon on my dashboard. ST ui needs work when adding devices! Thanks for your help folks.