Jawbone Up24 - Wow great integration

Just wanted to post a positive post about a great integration.

My Wife and I just got UP24’s and the sleepytime app to change modes is really great. Does mode changes perfectly and as they are on our wrists all the time either of us can ‘shut the apartment down’ at night and wake it in the morning perfectly.

Anyone using these in a cool way with ST?

Will need your help tmrw as I am expecting mine tmrw from Amazon and will be dragging myself to gym from tmrw morning… :slight_smile:

Absolutely happy to help with anything related to them apart from going to the gym!

I wanted the UP3 but it seems there are no chances of it hitting the market till March at least.

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Are you on iOS? No luck with this on Android for many months. For Android, still have to use the button pusher smartapp so at least it will run Good Night hello home phrase but nothing else. Can only program one phrase for button long press, so good morning can’t be used with Good Night. On the bright side, the Up24 Nest integration is working well for Sleep/Awake temp changes which was my primary reason to want to use for Good Morning phrase.

Ok… I am sporting one right now first time and have yet to decide whether to give it a thumbs “up” or “up yours”. :wink: using sleepy time.

Yours = Jawbone

really i find it had more problems then anything but on the + side i was able to code something better to fit my life style :slight_smile:

I am still trying to figure things out. At least it recorded my steps today (first day of use) as of now - 8648 steps (set myself a target of 10000) and ST is showing that info at least. And UP did wake me up (and may replace the SleepCycle iOS app I use for alarm). I am still trying to get the hang of it. Will give sleepytime a shot today… Not that I need that app. :slight_smile:

I just set up my UP24 to act as a home alarm emergency shut-off button in case I accidentally set it off. I used the IFTT apps to set the sleep/awake buttons to switch off my home alarm module. If I accidentally open a door/window (or ST doesn’t recognize my arrival) with the alarm set…the UP24 button is the quickest way to turn off the alarm.

Now if I can only get Sleepy Time to work with my Android

Just a quick question from a new up24 user. Guess you guys are using the button push event. What happens when you use it as a alarm… and want it to stop buzzing… You push the button, right? Won’t that trigger the action tied to the button even if you don’t want to?

Not bad…

@smart, I am curious how this is working out for you as I am debating on getting one. I am mostly interested in it for the Sleepy Time app. What was the answer if you push the button to turn off your wake up alarm, will it trigger the event?
Just so I understand, when you push the button on the jawbone it internally tells the device you are going to sleep. ST then piggybacks on that to fire off the Sleepy Time app/mode change?


@swindmiller I did not hook its button events to ST yet but this thing has really a pushed a button in me as far as health monitoring is concerned… My environment currently is totally hosed. Once things are fine, will set it up. I have a question though for other users. If I set up the button events what happens if I set up alarm and sleep reminders on the jawbone. In order to shut them, I will have to push the button and in such scenario I do not want the ST button event getting triggered.

Yeah that’s partially my question as well. I also am hoping the health monitoring will kickstart me as well.


19 days… have you guys tried it? My Up24 arrives tomorrow. I currently have the version of the Up app that doesn’t require an Up band. I was able to get it connected to SmartThings and am using my phone’s pedometer to measure steps (which are displaying in the SmartThings app once I wait 30 seconds for the app to load. :stuck_out_tongue: ) Kinda fun, but obviously, it won’t trigger any sleep mode.

I love Jawbone Up24 with or without the ST integration. I am doing like 12000 - 13000 steps 6 days a week and have fallen into a routine. I am waiting for the Up3 since it tracks the blood pressure/heart too. Will be kind of useful being a heart patient. The sleep tracker is kind of ok-ok…when I compare it to the SleepCycle iOS app.

Thanks for the reply! The coolest thing about the Up3 is that it dropped the price of the 24. :wink: As for sleep tracking, I’m hoping to get one of the Luna mattress covers/warmers but am a little nervous about investing in something that may or may not ever happen.

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Looking for team mates…lets hit it! I hosed up my goals last week due to medical reasons but I am up to it… Are you? I am back! Join us and let’s make this ST integration worthwhile too. And thanks @DITPL! If a guy like like me who’s a heart patient and has chronic pancreatitis can do it… So can you…

Very cool discussion here. I have been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for my UP3 so I can join in on the ST and Jawbone integration. I’m glad it sounds like the UP series works well with ST, and more importantly, works well as a motivator.

There you go… My bragging rights…:wink:

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