Jawbone as a Minimote

I have a Jawbone 24 that I am trying to integrate into ST for some seemingly simple functionality. Basically I would like to set my Hub to “Good Night” when I set my Jawbone to “Sleep” mode and set the hub to “Good Morning” when I set the Jawbone to “Awake” mode. Being in the UK - there is no built-in Jawbone integration.

Has Anyone achieved this? Is there a custom device that someone far cleverer than I has created?

If you have added the up24 already to smarthings, look for the app sleepy time, I believe that’s what it’s called,… It will let you trigger actions based on change to sleep / awake… Make sure you keep the up app running on your phone though, as th e real time update is sometimes flakey on up.


Hi Will,

Apologises if I’m stating something incorrect (I’m not a Jawbone user myself) but this should be possible via IFTTT: https://ifttt.com/jawbone_up

If you link your Jawbone account and ST account via IFTTT you should be able to achieve something. I believe you’ll need to create a virtual switch in the ST IDE, then set your Jawbone to turn this virtual switch on and off when going into or out of sleep mode. You can then set the Good Morning/Good Night routine to fire automatically when this switch changes state.

Maybe not quite as neat as the sleep time app which @rob_gore mentions but it’s an option.

Further info at Jawbone Up24

Hope this helps


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Hi @rob_gore - thanks for helping!

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an option to add the Jawbone UP 24 here in the UK - hence my request for a custom device of sorts.

Have you got a way around this please?

Hi @adeparker

Ah ha - this sounds interesting! I wasn’t aware of being able to do this. So in summary I have to do the following correct:-

  1. Link Jawbone to my IFTTT account - this has already been done
  2. Create a virtual switch in the ST IDE - Do you have any info on how to do this please?
  3. Set the IFTTT integration to fire the virtual switch
  4. Set the virtual switch to trigger the “Good night” and “Good Morning” routines - Do you have any info on this please?



Hi @Will_Hogg ,

Hopefully below should help:

  1. Link Jawbone to my IFTTT account - this has already been done
  2. Go to https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/ and login with your ST account.
  3. Go to ‘My Devices’
  4. Click ‘New Device’
  5. Enter a name, device network id (enter random numbers) and choose Type = Simulated Switch. Select location and hub. This will show on Things in the mobile app.
  6. Connect IFTTT to ST via https://ifttt.com/channels/smartthings/ and authorise it to access the switch you just created
  7. Create an IFTTT recipe to trigger when you UP24 is “sleep mode enabled” and set to to run ST to “switch on” the switch created in step 5
  8. Repeat step 7 for sleep mode disabled and switch off
  9. From ST mobile app add a smartapp --> Lights & Switches and choose “Switch activates Home Phrase”
  10. Choose the switch from step 5 and then select what happens when Switch is on and off (probably Good Night! and Good Morning!)

Hope the above helps



superstar! thanks so much!

You’re welcome @Will_Hogg