Jawbone UP - No More Tapping, so now what?

So Jawbone just updated the firmware on my UP. I had it set to flip modes from awake to sleep so that I could set my Smart Home Monitor to ARM and Disarm when i’m sleeping. Has anyone had a chance to see if the “automatic” sleep functionality still send the requisite command over to SmartThings to toggle sleep / awake?

It was nice to use the double tap to change modes, now its completely disabled.

I haven’t been able to get the jawbone to work with the new version of the app. I have a support ticket in on it, but no answer yet.

I have the newer Jawbone UP2 connected but it serves no purpose but notifying me the steps. Besides that of no practical use as you have to go tap, tap and tappity tap to change from sleep to awake and vice versa.

@JDRoberts once you enter the credentials and click done, go back and click on the credentials textbox again and when it takes you to the next screen click done again… So, I was able to add it by doing the process twice.

So, last night’s experience was great with the fact that the Jawbone automatically went into Sleep mode and change to active in the monring… but unfortunately, no dice with it registering this change with SmartThings. I was able to manually activate sleep mode from within the Jawbone application itself, and then toggle it back off, which did register a “button press / sleep mode” change in smart things, but if i’m using my phone, I might as well change modes via SmartThings.

Going to contact Jawbone support today, as they still advertise the functionality on their website, and it doesn’t work as expected. Hopefully they’ll do something to restore the ability to manually toggle sleep mode via Tap on the Bands.


I am in the same boat i am very disappointed in jawbone how they manage to fully remove a feature to just add a untested auto sleep

I have a case open with Jawbone on this, as they’ve broken 3rd party integration effectively. They’ve told me to just toggle it via the app… and I explained that if i’m going to do that, I’ll just use the APP for the device I’m integrating with and there’s NO value in that… I’m refusing to let them close the case till they provide some sort of resolution on it, or just tell me its not going to change, so i can keep watching and getting any feedback on the issue and it doesn’t get dropped. I suggest you do the same, strength in numbers. I’m not being mean to them about it, just asking them to revisit it and provide some sort of solution… let us decide if we want the old tap method or auto method… and make it a configurable setting or something. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request.


Same i find the jawbone update not only killed 3rd party integration is also made me sleep 15h a day but in reality I sleep around 6h i also have a case still open

I do apologize! Deleted my post. All the best. I was offered a 25% discount at their store for complaining. Just click on the search and type in “wow” and it will being up original jawbone thread and you will see why enthusiasm about this came down from 100 to 0.