Jawbone UP24

Hey everyone, I just watched Alex in this video online and the interviewer was using a Jawbone UP24 to trigger apps/devices in SmartThings. Anyone else have experience with this yet? Can’t seem to find other threads discussing this type of thing. I’m also curious if any other wristband style devices can do this, too, like the Fitbit Flex or Force.

In the same vein, it would be awesome if Pressy could integrate with the ST app to trigger certain apps/devices. Any thoughts on this??

I think SmartThings isn’t doing anything with Jawbone… it is just using IFTTT:


The highest rated recipe is “Turn on the lights when you wake up”…

Actually, if you look closely at this video http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/07/smartthings-ces-2014/ , the demo looks pretty bogus. Notice how many camera cuts there’re between pushing the Jawbone button and the Philips Hue lights turning on in the kitchen. It’s hard to judge what the actual delay was, but it’s definitely not instant. Truth is, you don’t even need SmartThings to do this trick. Just use IFTTT “UP->Hue” recipe like @ethomasii pointed out. I think these kind of “demos” are misleading and actually doing more harm than good. The Bloomberg video particularly looks like a cheesy infomercial.

Actually, that’s a good call about it connecting to IFTTT. And then you could use IFTTT to trigger devices in SmarThings. One thing I’m noticing, though, is that each Recipe in IFTTT can only trigger one SmartThings device at a time? This would be really annoying to have to create a new Recipe in IFTTT for each of the multiple devices in SmartThings you want to be triggered upon touching the Jawbone button.

I was thinking at first that it could be IFTTT, but Jawbone was a sponsor of the house and listed as being a part of the Labs program, so I’m looking forward to hearing what ST has to say and hoping for the best.

Plus, I can’t imagine Jawbone would sponsor if there wasn’t a direct relationship between the products and it would make perfect sense for there to be an issue with an integration they’ve said won’t be ready for a few months (Jawbone specifically, not the entire Labs program).

CES only comes once a year, so they should make the most of it and the attention it brings, even if it means demoing the potential of an alpha.

@alex_hawkinson @urman - Hey Alex/Andrew, wondering if you guys have any info regarding the string above? Would love to be able to control STs by just tapping a button on Jawbone UP or Pressy.

The videos have been direct integration with the Jawbone UP 24. Jawbone is making some updates to their approach with their APIs that will make it possible for us to roll out support more broadly. Will ping the team that has been working with them for an update.

As a side note, we’re going to be rolling out a fairly big developer program update soon so that community members can contribute new innovations much more easily. Exciting times!

The videos have been direct integration with the Jawbone UP 24

It’s good to hear. But can Up talk to the hub directly? I assume it goes through smartphone to talk to internet and ST?
Also if you could elaborate on August door lock in the video that’d be great. Both Up and August are bluetooth only devices so I’m very curious about how ST could make use of BT devices. Thanks.

Hi all,

Both the Jawbone UP24 and the August communicated to a cell phone/iPad to their respective cloud services, then down to SmartThings.

Jawbone UP24 button click talks to the Jawbone app, which tells SmartThings the button was pushed and then we act on it.

I have the UP24 and use IFTTT To turn on lights when I wake up. When I press the button on the UP24 it tells ST to cut on a light. It does not work well at all. I think the problem is when I press the button the phone is not getting the Bluetooth signal from the UP24.

No need to mess with the UP24 anymore. Get the Gear Fit and the Shortcut app and control all your SmartThings, Nest, etc. right from your wrist very easily!

is it just jawbone up24?
or does jawbone up (without 24) work too?


I’m pretty sure you need up 24 not just the regular up.

has anyone else tried using the gear fit as shown in the video I posted above? I’m having some issues with the Shortcut app and am getting no response back from them.

@kirsten27 only UP24!