Jasco Toggle Issue

I have a Jasco toggle switch (GE version). I’ve paired it (I have about 15 other GE paddle switches) without issue, but this one is problematic. I can turn the switch on and off via the SmartThings app, but the app doesn’t reflect the status of the device when the switch is activated manually. This is problematic as I’m using the switch to activate Core processes and I need to capture the disposition of the switch. Is there anything I can do or should I assume it’s a bad switch and swap it out?

Try turning off the breaker for a minute or two in order to reset the switch.

Nope. No difference.

I suggest you try to do a “replace” for the switch with the switch itself, not with a new device.

I only have GE paddle switches but cutting power to the switch and then doing a “replace” has fixed any problem I had in the past.

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