Jasco Firmware Released

Jasco has released some of their firmware, with more to come. Does SmartThings have any plans to work with Jasco on deploying these firmware updates?

Announcement tweet from Jasco: https://twitter.com/JascoProducts/status/1535243645879828482

So far, only my single newer Jasco switch has a firmware release, and it looks like it’s the same version that it shipped with. I’m hopeful that my older Jasco switches will have some interesting updates, though.


I would love to know about this too. I can’t even find where to see what firmware my GE/Jasco switches are on. I even checked the IDE and couldn’t find anything there.

If ST doesn’t support OTA firmware updates then this might be the tipping point for me to switch over to Home Assistant.

SmartThings does support OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave, but I believe only for very limited devices. In each of these cases ST has worked directly with the manufacturer on the firmware.

The IDE does show the firmware version - but only from the point in time in which the device was first paired with the Hub. If any firmware updates have occurred, it won’t show it.

In the IDE, this information is listed in the “Raw Description” field:
zw:L type:1001 mfr:027A prod:0101 model:000D ver:1.06 zwv:4.38 lib:03 cc:5E,25,32,27,2C,2B,70,85,59,72,86,98,7A,73,5A
This example would be firmware version ver:1.06.

I have been watching Linus’ progress on the GE/Jasco fiasco very closely. He brought up a couple features that I really want too. The fade on/off is something I would love to have changed as well.

He was spot on when he said that Jasco’s policy of not giving out the firmware is a really great example of why smart home stuff isn’t being more widely adopted. The whole smart home industry is a mess.

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Thanks @iridris. When i check the “Raw Description” I see my switches are on version 3.x.

zw:L type:1001 mfr:0063 prod:4952 model:3032 ver:3.27 zwv:3.40 lib:06 cc:25,27,73,70,86,72,77

If that is in fact the firmware version then my switches are not being updated and probably never have, From what I understand the latest firmware is 5.3. Thats a really long way away from my 3.x version. This is incredibly disappointing.

That’s one of their older devices. All of the firmware they’ve released has been for the most recent models.

Well thats lovely.

Do you have a chart to reference these numbers to know what model type these are?

I have tables mapping Jasco fingerprints to models here (scroll down to the z-wave sections). It may not be a complete list - they’ve put out a ton of models over the years.

Z-wave alliance is the go-to source for info on z-wave devices, though it’s tough to find a specific device among all the different models. If my list is missing your fingerprint, then you should be able to find it on that site.

The Jasco firmware is being posted in this repo. If you’re actually going to update firmware on any devices, I would follow the instructions there to confirm the ZW number and product ID printed on the device before potentially bricking the device with an incompatible firmware.

ST doesn’t support firmware updates, but you can update a device if you get a z-stick like this one. You would also need software to drive the z-stick (Simplicity Studio is a free option). You have to exclude each device from ST, include it on the z-stick, install the firmware, exclude from the z-stick, and include back into ST. Since the process is a bit involved, I wouldn’t bother unless the firmware update has a feature you care about.


All of the Jasco firmware that has been released so far is available on their GitHub: GitHub - jascoproducts/firmware: Firmware for connected home devices.

If you look in the ‘Issues’ section, there should be an issue for any device that does not yet have a firmware release available. Jasco is using those issues to track information/requests for release.

Yea at this point everything is working just fine. I just like to have all my stuff updated with the best features on “stable” firmware. I don’t have many switches (6) so its not a lot but still not something I want to deal with right now.

Thanks @philh30 for all the info.

They posted a new batch of firmware today, and I finally found something exciting. The changelog for the ZW4002/14287 (a prior generation fan control) adds parameter 3 in the last firmware. Parameter 3 is the LED control, which has been a sore spot on the Jasco fan controls. I have one of these that shipped with the 5.24 firmware, and the LED parameter does work on it.

Wow. They are actually monitoring the github repo and actively fixing things. I am impressed. I really wish ST would support a method to update firmware.

I just updated several Jasco devices that are paired with ST. I used a Zwave stick (the Homeseer one specifically), added it as a secondary controller and used PC Controller to OTA update with Jasco’s files. Worked great, perhaps its not as “direct” as could be in ST although doing OTA updates with files over the mobile client seems like a mess.

I have roughly 60 GE/Jasco switches dimmers and fan controllers - 30~ of them were running older firmware versions. I just used the secondary controller method with the Zooz stick and the silicon labs pc controller software to update the firmware on all of mine that were not running the latest.

It spanned over three days as you have to upgrade them one by one and it is slower than molasses but they are up to date now. Most defiantly an extremely painful process to do it manually - I agree that I don’t understand why ST hasn’t just made these available on the platform for OTA updates.

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Hey all, Has anyone tried flashing the hardware using ESP? I cannot get 2 x Jasco light switches to adopt or reset. Cheers, J