Jasco 45705 Offline but Working

I just added all my devices to my new hub and am having an issue with a Jasco 45705 I had been using with my last hub. I excluded it and added it to SmartThings, but it now shows as “offline” in IDE, and both apps. However, if I toggle the device in the classic app, it turns on and off as expected. It will not function in the new app though.

I tried a hub reboot and excluded and added the device multiple times, with no luck. I know its an older switch, but was hoping it would still work. I have a few of them lying around that I wanted to use.

Any thoughts?

So I messed around with it in IDE and changed the device type from Zwave Switch Generic to Zwave Switch and it came online immediately.

The problem now is that it won’t update its status in the app, but it still works. The app always shows it as ON even when it’s off. I can toggle it back and forth in the classic app, but it doesn’t work in the new app.

I feel your pain. Mine has been doing this to random devices for about 5 years now. I think it’s just an ST way of life. Honestly sometimes that app updates everything perfectly and other times not so much.

But, try a zwave repair. That usually helps. Just keep running it until you get a clean run.
Also, you can try pulling the air break on them, wait a few seconds and push it back in.

Thanks for the help. I did a bunch of reading and it seems like Samsung hosed everyone that used the older Jasco / GE switches. I found a bunch of articles where they don’t work and support just goes dark.

I bit the bullet and replaced it with a new GE Z-Wave + and it seems to be working now. I have two of them laying around that would be nice to use though…

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I’m running over 50 of these switches. The automations always work, and I try to stay out of the app. I’ll replace them as they die. So far so good. 4 years and not a single one has stopped working on me… lol until tomorrow.

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