Jasco Fan Controller - Model 4944-3138 - Shows up in SmartThings as a switch level indicator

This JASCO Fan Controller has ZW4002 on the physical device, but in SmartThings Web it shows Model Number 4944-3138. The issue is this is being detected as a dimmer switch rather than a fan controller as far as the controls and using the generic ZWave Switch Driver treating it like a dimmer rather than a Fan Control.

I have the Honeywell and GE Versions of this Device and do not have a problem the model number of all my other fan controllers in the SmartThings Web Honeywell and GE alike is 4944-3131

They are all using the same Generic Fan Controller Driver:
Z-Wave Fan 2024-01-30T21:36:08.505875919 e7947a05-947d-4bb5-92c4-2aafaff6d69c

I cannot select this driver for use from the drop down in the web for this new fan controller. I’m assuming because something doesn’t match. Is there anyway to have this driver updated to be allowed to be used for what appears to be a new version of this Fan Controller based on the model number?


You need @csstup to add the fingerprints to his driver.

What’s the Manufacturer code listed under the Advanced Web App for this device? Most Jasco devices sold under the GE or Embrighten name use 0063-XXXX-XXXX. The Honeywell versions are usually 0039-XXXX-XXXX.

Both Zwave Switch CS and Zwave Fan CS support both the 0063-4944-3131 and 0039-4944-3131 devices already. Zwave Fan CS adds the ability to set the fan speed differently with voice assistants, if you need that feature.

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@csstup - Looks like they followed the same pattern and the Manufacturer Code has updated along with the Model Number.

This is the Manufacturer code on this device: 0063-4944-3138

Zwave Switch CS supports this device already.

  - id: "0063/4944/3138"
    deviceLabel: GE Fan 14314
    manufacturerId: 0x0063
    productType: 0x4944
    productId: 0x3138
    deviceProfileName: ge-fan-assoc

I will give this one a shot, I installed the Fan version, because I do use Google Home for Voice Control, but it would not let me select the Fan CS for this device. I will give it a shot and let you know what I see.

@csstup - So I Installed the Driver, and I was allowed to select it, but something seems a little off.
I even excluded the device and readded it to see if it made a difference.

On the device pages in the app, it just shows connected, not the current status of “Off or On”, of the controller.

The device has changed in the app, There is a Dimmer Slider and a Fan Speed Slider now, but can’t actually use the Fan Speed Slider

Also have a message in the app that says “The Device has not updated all of it’s Status information yet. Check Again Later”

This is both after rebooting and before rebooting the Phone the App is on, and also the Smartthings Hub.

Thinking that just the standard dimmer options make more sense if I can’t actually get it to accept the speeds like the other fan controllers.

Unless I’m doing something wrong.

Is there no way to request to have the generic driver:
Z-Wave Fan 2024-01-30T21:36:08.505875919 e7947a05-947d-4bb5-92c4-2aafaff6d69c

Updated to also be used for this device?

Would be nice to have all the fan controls being controlled the same way, unless I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I will go try the CS Fan driver on an existing switch and see what that does if maybe this Jasco one could be incorporated with that one.

In looking at the device on the Z-Wave Alliance website, I’m not thinking it supports the features of other GE/Jasco fan controllers. According to the description, it’s a paddle switch device and supports 3 different fan speeds. The only configuration option listed is Parameter 4, Invert Switch. The fact that you’re getting the “The Device has not updated all of it’s Status…” message indicates that the device is not supplying the information to populate the capabilities that are expected by the driver and the profile.


I think that @csstup may need to change the device profile to be ge-fan-scene or possibly ge-fan-legacy rather than ge-fan-assoc.

Updated to use ge-fan-legacy, as this device doesn’t support scenes nor association groups. Version 2024-05-28T05:43:25.87152505 released, it will update within the next 12 hours if you already have Zwave Switch CS installed.