[ST EDGE] Enhanced Z-Wave Fan Controller

Enhanced the stock ST Edge Z-Wave Fan driver by:

  • Adding the switchLevel capability
  • Added Settings for the Leviton 4 speed fan controller (ZW4SF-1BW)

Otherwise it supports the same fingerprints as the stock driver.

By supporting the switchLevel capability, external systems (specifically Alexa) can control the fan speed directly in its UI and by requesting a percentage (“Set the fan to 50%”) instead of having to remember the speed names of low, medium, etc. The stock DTH used to do this but the stock Beta Edge driver does not.

If you’re interested in trying it (consider it in beta just like the rest of the Edge drivers), please sign up here:

  1. Use the invite CStup Edge Driver Invitation
  2. Enroll your hub
  3. Click “Available Drivers”
  4. Click the “Install” button on Z-Wave Fan CS
  5. If using an existing DTH or built in (non Edge Beta) driver - Exclude and reinclude your device.
  6. If using the Beta Edge Z-Wave Fan driver, simply “Switch Driver” from under the Driver menu on your device.
  7. If you like this driver and want to buy me a coffee, thanks!

The driver is a amalgamation of the stock Edge Z-Wave Fan drivers with the changes mentioned above added alongside. I will continue to update against the base driver from ST and release as needed.

Please let me know any questions or suggestions!


Nice. Now if only they would accept your pull request to add this to the standard driver :grin:


Heh, I assume there are no pull requests from external ppl being even considered. And the preference changes would likely go alongside a WWST cert with Leviton not from an external source (they don’t seem to do Settings 1:1 with the devices otherwise.)

I’ve been running it at home for a while, figured someone else might be able to use it!


Worked Perfectly. Thank you! Coffee on it’s way


So, just setting this up works great. I’m glad to be able to control fan speed with Alexa instead of just on and off. My fan controller is a high, medium, and low three-speed Zwave controller. This Driver works great using terms high and low but fails for medium. It can also be controlled based on percent, which works perfectly. I figured I would give a little feedback. I don’t remember right now what brand of Zwave fan controller I have.

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